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4 Easy Ways You Can Protect Your Vacation and Avoid Vacation Rental Scams

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You work hard for your vacation. Don’t take any chances when protecting your vacation, and ensure you have a plan of action if something goes wrong. So what does this mean? Exactly how do you protect your vacation and avoid rental scams?  Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty is here to give you insight into how to avoid scams when booking your vacation with us. Hint: Being proactive is key! Read on, vacationers.

1. Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

The very first thing you want to do when considering a vacation destination is to plan ahead and do some research. Read up on the area and get to know where you’re going. Are there any safety concerns? Places to avoid? Every vacation destination can have its appeal—but if you’re planning a family vacation, not every place is safe for kids. Take a little time to read up on where you’re going and note any areas of concern or places you may want to avoid. Then, take the time to discuss these with your family to make sure everyone is aware of any issues, and everyone is on the same page.  


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2. Have a Family Safety Plan

You can’t foresee every possible scenario that could go wrong while on vacation, but it’s good to have the basics down just in case. Practice with your kids what they should do in an emergency. You can advise them to seek the help of another parent with children, stay put until someone finds them, or meet you at a specific spot. Whatever plan you put in place, go through it with your children a few times so they remember what to do when panic sets in. It’s also good practice to wear noticeable clothing that is easy to spot in a crowd, such as bright colors and distinct patterns. Have a family discussion and act out different scenarios so that you and your kids have a plan in place and know what to do if an emergency arises.


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3. Consider Travel Insurance

Unforeseen circumstances can squash your travel and vacation plans in an instant, leaving you on the hook financially. The right travel insurance can help protect you and your vacation from these types of losses while also giving you peace of mind. 

Before you book your trip, check if the credit card you plan to use offers any travel insurance or assistance that might be useful to you. Remember that Plumlee Vacation Rentals offers you travel insurance when you book your stay.  Consider these four types of travel insurance generally offered and decide on the right combination for you and your family.  We currently offer Red Sky travel insurance, which covers all of these.

-Trip cancellation insurance – Reimburses you when certain circumstances prevent you from taking your trip.

-Baggage insurance or personal effects coverage – Provides coverage if your personal belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip.

-Emergency medical assistance – Covers expenses related to medical crises, which can be very costly. Before purchasing this type of coverage, check with your own health insurance carrier to find out what type of coverage you have when traveling.

-Accidental death – Provides coverage in the event you or a family member dies during a trip. Depending on your life insurance plan or other financial provisions for your loved ones, this may be duplicate insurance.

There are many types of travel insurance options, so weigh your choices carefully and choose wisely depending on your destination and circumstances. You can read more about how to protect yourself and your vacation with travel insurance here. 

4. Learn How to Avoid Vacation Rental Scams

When you are booking your vacation, it’s important to be aware of vacation rental scams and how to avoid them. Recently, a possible fraudster replied to one of our Facebook posts, offering our properties at a ridiculously low price. Be aware of these kinds of scams, and never give your credit card information via social media like Facebook. Here are some more tips to avoid rental scams:

Don’t click on links from unsolicited messages.

Don’t purchase online unless the transaction is secure; look for URLs containing “https.” The letter “S” in “https” indicates a Secure site.

Avoid making quick purchases while on social media; doing additional research and purchasing directly from a website is best.

Don’t believe everything you see and read online; if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Do not share personally identifiable information with someone contacting you unsolicited.

Use secure and traceable transactions.

Don’t be pressured to act immediately; scammers often encourage consumers to “act now” to save.

To be safe, book with a Plumlee Reservationist by calling 866-921-1166 or online at the Plumlee website!  Plus, you’ll save money by skipping the cost of third-party service fees.

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Avoid vacation rental scams and book your stay directly through Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty. Booking direct is the safest way to reserve your vacation with us in Indian Rocks Beach or Indian Shores. The staff at Plumlee prides itself on outstanding customer service, serving the Indian Rocks Beach area for over 30 years. Reserve your getaway with a trusted vacation rental management company today!

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