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How to Budget for Your Summer Vacation: Save Now, Splurge Later!

How to Budget for Your Summer Vacation: Save Now, Splurge Later!

Summer will be here before you know it. The time is now to start planning and saving for your Indian Rocks Beach, Florida vacation. Today we’re sharing a few tried-and-true tips to help you create a vacation budget that works for you. Being proactive is key! Here are some ways to help you save.

1. Take an honest look at your current financial situation.

Effective budgeting starts with tracking your earnings and spending. Take an honest look at what you’re spending your money on and ask yourself a few quick questions. Am I able to comfortably pay all my bills? Do I currently have anything left over to save? Can I afford to put aside a set amount each month toward a summer vacation? 

2. Lighten discretionary spending now to save for later.

Look at your discretionary spending (these are non-essential expenses). Is there anything you can cut back on or eliminate from your spending now that you can put toward your summer vacation? Sacrificing a little bit now adds up to more savings later. Delayed gratification never hurt anyone, and your summer self will thank you! 

3. Automate your savings.

One of the simplest ways to save is to automatically transfer funds from your checking into a vacation savings account each time you receive a paycheck. Just be sure that you check your accounts frequently to ensure you have enough money to cover all of your bills, so you don’t go in the red. 

A goal without a plan is just a wish | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Rentals

4. Use credit cards that earn cash back or travel rewards. 

If you use credit cards for your general spending and bill paying (and pay the balance off each month to avoid additional fees and charges), it makes sense to use a card that earns cash back or other rewards that you can apply to your vacation. Look at where you’ll be spending your money during your vacation and choose a card accordingly. From flight credits to savings on gas, choose the card benefits that you’ll actually use. 

5. Search early for deals and savings on big-ticket vacation items. 

Search in advance for deals and discounts on your big-ticket items like accommodations, attractions, dining, and transportation. Check for bundled discounts such as the Tampa Bay CityPASS where you pay one reduced rate for access to multiple places of interest and the attractions that are already on your vacation to-do list. 

6. Research cheap and free things to do at your vacation destination.

Don’t miss out on the activities that are offered for free or at a very low cost. Research the local events, things to do and activities that are available free-of-charge during your vacation—and try a few. If you choose a Plumlee Vacations Indian Rocks Beach rental, you get extra perks included with your stay such as free daily bike rentals, free DVDs, and more. 

How do you budget for your summer vacation?

Share your tips below! 

How to Budget for Your Summer Vacation: Save Now, Splurge Later!