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The Greatest Adventures of All Time on the Gulf of Mexico

The Greatest Adventures of All Time on the Gulf of Mexico

Do you want a grand adventure on the Gulf of Mexico? Then this blog post is for you! Start planning your next Indian Rocks Beach vacation by choosing your on-the-water adventures and booking them for your Florida Gulf Coast vacation. There are plenty to choose from, so it just depends what the best fit is for you and your family. Sightseeing cruises, ecotours, fishing charters, watercraft rentals, and scuba diving excursions are just a handful of the many adventures that await you. Read on to learn more about your local options. 

Sightseeeing Cruises & Excursions

One of the best ways to get out and enjoy all the Gulf of Mexico has to offer is to take a sightseeing cruise, guided excursion, or ecotour. With so much to see and do here on the Florida Gulf Coast, it’s hard to choose just one on-the-water adventure. 

There are plenty of options, but if you’re looking for a cruise that gives you dolphin watching, snorkeling, shelling, and an island excursion all in one, then we highly recommend the Dolphin Snorkeling Cruise to Edgmont Key State Park. (Check out the video to learn more.)

If you’re looking for a good variety of cruise options, Hubbard’s Marina at John’s Pass is another great place to book island excursions, sunset cruises, dolphin watches, snorkeling, fishing charters, camping trips, ecotours, and more. 

Fishing Charters

The Gulf of Mexico is known for its awesome fishing. The variety of species found in the local waters will astound you, not to mention the size of some of them! Taking a chartered fishing excursion is a wonderful way to get out on the water and learn from the area experts the best way to hook the big one. They have everything you need for a successful day of catching, all you need to do is make your reservation and show up. Recommended local fishing charter options include: Captain Bill Fehl’s Fishing Charters, GoFast Fishing Charters, and Simply Hooked Sport Fishing

Florida Gulf Coast Fishing Charters Near Indian Rocks Beach | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals


There’s no better way to get a bird’s eye view of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico waters than by taking a parasail up, up, and away. Feel the salty breeze on your face and look down at the breathtaking landscape of the Florida Gulf Coast. 

It’s an adventure like no other, and one that you must try. There’s no better time than on your Florida Gulf Coast vacation, and you can find parasailing that’s close and convenient to your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental. 

Eagle Parasail is located at John’s Pass in nearby Madeira Beach. They’ll give you a fun, safe and memorable parasailing adventure that you and your whole family will love. Check out this family’s video to learn more of what to expect when you’re out on the water and up in the air.

Watercraft Rentals

Whether you’re looking for a boat rental, jet ski, wave runner, or other on-the-water toys that make a Florida beach vacation so fun, there’s something for everyone here in Indian Rocks Beach thanks to our local outfitters. Island Marine Rentals, IRB Boat Rentals, and John’s Pass Waverunners are excellent nearby options for all of your aquatic adventures. Stop by during your next beach vacation and plan your adventure.

Island Marine Rentals boat | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Scuba Diving Charters

Scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico is an experience that you don’t want to miss if you have your dive certification. With crystal clear waters, vibrant colors, and an incredible variety of underwater life, these are just a few of the many reasons to scuba here. 

Add to that amazing underwater sights including artificial and natural reefs, shipwrecks, and the one-of-kind Circle of Statues underwater Veterans Memorial that’s just 9 miles offshore from Clearwater Beach. It’s the first of its kind to pay tribute to the five branches of the military. The bases of the statues contain plaques with the names of service members and all have scrub brush attached so that divers can help keep the statues clean.

If you’re in search of a scuba dive charter, we recommend 2 Shea Charters and Tanks-A-Lot Dive Charters for a great Gulf of Mexico diving experience.


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The Greatest Adventures of All Time on the Gulf of Mexico