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6 Sun Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Vacation

6 Sun Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Vacation

Vacationing in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida promises plenty of fun in the sun from the beaches and water activities to the parks and outdoor experiences that await you. Aptly nicknamed the Sunshine State, you already know that you and your family will want to enjoy all of that sunshine wisely. Don’t let it sneak up on you. One bad sunburn can ruin an entire week’s vacation. You don’t want that! Here are our top six sun safety tips for a happy and healthy beach vacation on the Florida Gulf Coast

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1. Choose water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen.

There are plenty of brands and types of sunscreen available to you. When you’re stocking up for your Indian Rocks Beach vacation, be sure to choose those that protect from both types of the sun’s rays (also known as broad spectrum). The two types of sun rays that can injure the skin are ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). UVA affects the deep layers of skin. UVB damages the outermost layers of the skin and causes sunburn. Here are a few sunscreen tips for you and your family from the University of Florida Health website.

  • Choose the water-resistant kind (even if you’re not going in the water) because it stays on the skin longer and you won’t sweat it off as easily. 
  • Use a minimum of 30 sun protection factor (SPF).
  • Apply sunscreen even if you’re only outside for a short amount of time.
  • If your skin is sensitive to the chemicals in sunscreen products, choose a mineral sunscreen such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. 
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days, since clouds and haze won’t protect you from the sun.
  • Reapply often (follow package instructions). Usually every 2 hours is recommended and after swimming or sweating.
  • Don’t skimp over sensitive areas like ears, feet and nose. Also use lip balm with SPF.
  • Check with your pediatrician when using sunscreen on children under 1 year of age.

2. Apply sun protection before leaving your Indian Rocks Beach rental.

If you’re a parent, you know quite well that getting sunscreen on your kids at the beach is not always an easy task—it’s pretty much like trying to nail jello to a tree. Save yourself both time and energy by applying sunscreen to everyone, yourself included, before heading out of your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental. You should apply sunscreen 30 minute prior to sun exposure anyway, so slathering up your kids beforehand just makes sense. Once you arrive at the pool or the beach, they will be ready to go. No wrangling required.

3. Limit sun exposure during the hours of 10am to 4pm.

The sun’s UV rays are at their peak during these hours. Though you probably won’t completely avoid being out and about during those hours of your beach vacation, try to minimize your exposure by going to the beach earlier or later in the day and by breaking up your sun time with some indoor time at your rental for lunch, quiet time, or other opportunities to take frequent breaks from the natural elements. 

4. Seek shade often (and bring your own). 

Make sure you have some shade options during the day whether you’re at the beach, the pool, the park, or wherever you may be. If you need a beach umbrella during your vacation, you can rent them as part of your Plumlee Perks. Read more information about that right here

5. Also use sun-protective clothing and accessories. 

Avoiding peak UV hours, seeking shade, and using sunscreen are great proactive and protective steps. You should also consider covering up with UV-blocking clothing, hats, sunglasses and swimwear. Look for loose-fitting, unbleached, tightly woven fabrics. The tighter the weave, the more protective the garment. 

6. Don’t underestimate the Florida sun.

It’s easy to underestimate your sun exposure, especially while you’re having so much fun on your Florida vacation. This is especially true if you aren’t used to being out in it on a daily basis. Remember to be proactive, protective, and set reminders to reapply your sun protection. There’s an app for that if you need it. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy! 

Do you have any florida vacation sun safety tips to share?

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6 Sun Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Vacation