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7 Smart Beach Vacation Tips That Will Save You the Most Money

7 Smart Beach Vacation Tips That Will Save You the Most Money

How can you save money while also enjoying your Indian Rocks Beach vacation to the fullest? It’s easy. There are numerous budget-friendly ways you can cut back on costs without sacrificing any of your vacation expectations. Here are the seven smartest ways to save the most money during your Florida Gulf beach vacation. Hint: It all starts with booking the right Indian Rocks Beach rental for you and your family.

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1. Choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel or motel.

Vacation rentals offer more value for your vacation dollar, especially when you’re staying for a week or more. Not only will the cost be less, but you will get better accommodations overall for the price you’re paying. Vacation rentals are homes and condos, so right away you’re getting more privacy, more of the comforts of home, and more space than when you opt for a hotel or motel stay. The vacation rental amenities are often comparable, if not better, than what you would get at hotel. If you’re vacationing with extended family or friends, you can find a rental that has enough room for everyone while at the same time splitting the cost—which saves everyone money. Savvy travelers know that vacation rentals are the only way to go! 

2. Search for rental discounts and savings.

Not only are vacation rentals inherently a better value overall, but you can also find additional rental savings and discounts if you know where to look. Start with the vacation rental site itself and see what they have to offer. Follow the social media accounts of the vacation rental company as well to see special money-saving offers and current discounts that are being offered. There are often seasonal savings, last-minute deals, early bird specials, repeat renter discounts, military rates, and other vacation rental promotions available throughout the year.

3. Make your own meals.

Besides the cost of accommodations, the next big vacation expense is usually your meals. If you dine out every single day of your vacation, sometimes multiple times a day, that is going to consume a huge portion of your beach vacation budget. One of the biggest benefits of a vacation rental or condo is the kitchen. Your vacation rental comes with full-size appliances, the standard utensils and kitchen supplies you need to make your own meals, and the extras that just make vacation life easier and more convenient. Wake up and make your favorite coffee, enjoy the Gulf of Mexico views, and don’t even worry about staying in your pajamas while you do it. It’s also worth mentioning that if you have kids vacationing with you, it is so much easier to have their favorite meals and snacks on hand and without the hustle and bustle of trying to get out the door every meal time. 

4. Find ways to save on big-ticket experiences and attractions.

Another big expense are the attractions and experiences you and your family are planning to do at your vacation destination. Before your vacation even starts, set aside time to talk with your family and get a short list of big-ticket experiences and attractions that your family is interested in doing. Then do some advance research to find discounts and savings for those items. There is no need to pay full price when you can enjoy the same activities at a discounted rate. Your vacation rental company often has area attraction discounts available to you at check-in or on their website. There are also local bundled discount packages for the most popular attractions and experiences. Search online, on social media, and be sure to ask your rental company to see what they have to offer.

5. Research the area for free activities and things to do.

While you’re doing some research for the above-mentioned items, don’t forget that there are often free things to do and area activities that won’t cost you a dime

6. Get creative with your family time. 

Your family vacation activities don’t have to involve going anywhere. Take full advantage of the comfort and amenities of your vacation rental by planning some fun days and nights in. Family movie nights, (remember that free DVD Rentals are available to your family from Plumlee Vacations), game nights, themed meal nights, and more are an awesome way to make vacation memories while also saving money because many of these activities cost little to nothing. Get your whole family involved and let various members be in charge of planning a special night with the ones you love the most. You might be surprised how much everyone loves getting involved and making your vacation extra special.

7. Allow for flexibility and spontaneity.

Leave a little wiggle room in your vacation budget for the unexpected. You’ve probably heard the famous saying: “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” It happens on vacation, too. As much as you plan to make the most of your time in Indian Rocks Beach, you can expect the unexpected to happen. It’s life! Make a mental note to stay flexible and not plan too much that you’re overextended mentally, physically, or monetarily. You want to leave room for spontaneity so that if something fabulous comes up that you and your family want to do, you are able to do it. There might be a last-minute deal or special on something that you didn’t have in mind for your vacation, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. Go for it! You never know what unplanned vacation adventures await—so allow yourself the time, means, and permission to go with the flow. These off-the-cuff experiences often end up being the best and most-talked about memories for years to come. 


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7 Smart Beach Vacation Tips That Will Save You the Most Money