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Super Simple Crafts You Can Do at the Beach

Super Simple Crafts You Can Do at the Beach

Maybe you want the kids to have some quiet down time in your Gulf Coast vacation rental. Perhaps you need some ideas on special ways to bring a bit of your vacation home with you as a memento. Or maybe you’re just a crafter at heart looking for some fun-and-sun DIY projects to create while you’re at the beach. Lucky for you we happened across some super simple crafts you can do during your beach vacation.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorites.


Clam Shell CrittersClam Shell Critters

This is probably the easiest beach craft project on the list. It’s really cute, too. You only need a handful of supplies including clam shells you’ve collected from the beach, assorted paint and a paintbrush, glue, wiggly eyes and a little newspaper for easy cleanup. In reality, clams do not have eyes, ears or noses and can’t see, hear or smell. But with your imagination, you can do anything. This beach activity is perfect for the littlest ones and they’ll have some mementos to take home with them from their Gulf beach vacation. Paint them in varying colors, decorate them in a variety of ways, and soon you’ll have a nice set of memories to take with you. Don’t forget to write the date and location on the underside. Thanks to FreeKidsCrafts.com for this cute clam shell craft idea!


Driftwood FishDriftwood Fish

How amazing is this? It’s the perfect craft to make at the beach and take home to give one of your rooms some coastal flair. Make a few, if you’d like. It sure is easy enough and the finished project is fabulous. All you need is some driftwood in varying length (or any kind of sticks you find), a piece of cardboard to sketch your shape, cut out and glue the driftwood on, and a hot glue gun. Layout your driftwood on your template and arrange to your liking. Then glue it in place and voilà! A driftwood fish that adds a touch of the beach to any room. Everyone in your family can make their own and you’ll have a whole school of fish to bring back from your beach vacation. Thanks to Creative in Chicago for the darling driftwood fish craft idea. 


Shell HairpinsDIY Shell Hairpins

I can’t believe I never thought of this before. You know those tons of tiny seashells you collect? Well, now’s the time to put them to good use. Glam up some hairpins (you can use the regular ol’ ones but they also sell flat ones at most craft stores, which work best) with a small shell accent on the tip for cute and coastal stylish hair accents. Use shells that are no larger than a quarter in size and in minutes you have a finished product. The only other things you need are some 2-part epoxy (you can find it at any hardware or craft store) and some clear nail polish (totally optional) to give your seashells a finished look with some extra gloss and shine. Make a few for yourself or make a set of them to give as gifts. They are really quick and easy yet elegantly adorable. Thanks to the Swell Life Blog for this stylish seashell craft idea. 



DIY Mini AquariumMini Aquarium

Are you looking for a great way to display your Florida Gulf Beach shells, sea glass, sand and other beach treasures? This is perfect for you. All you need is a clear glass, bowl or container of your choosing to serve as your aquarium. Put a layer of the white sugar sand from the Gulf Coast, add your shells and sea glass, and then fill with water. To keep your aquarium clean, change the water every 1-2 weeks. It also helps to add in a Marimo moss ball, which is actually an algae to help keep the water cleaner. It adds a nice focal point and pop of color to your mini aquarium, too. It requires very little care and can be bought right on Amazon or at most pet stores. Thanks to Arctida’s Creations blog for this awesome and simple DIY mini aquarium idea. 





Sand ClayMake Your Own Sand Clay

Kids of all ages will love this beach-centric craft. Making your own sand clay allows you to create your own ornaments, footprints or shell impressions and keep them for posterity. You’ll need an old pot or a cheap one from the Dollar Store, since the sand will scratch it up when you mix this. The only other ingredients you need are sand, of course, baking soda, corn flour or corn starch and water. You combine the ingredients in the old saucepan over medium high heat while stirring until the mixtures thickens to mashed-potato-like consistency. Put it on some parchment paper or wax paper and cover with a damp dish cloth to retain moisture. Once cooled, model into the shape of your choosing and imprint with shells, handprints, footprints, or whatever you desire. Put your creations on a drying rack and bake at low heat (around 212 degrees F) for two hours and allow to cool in the oven to prevent cracking. For extra shine and protection, you can add a clear varnish. Thanks to Paging Fun Mums for this kid-friendly and fun beach craft.



Shell Souvenir JarSouvenir Jar

This is probably the simplest yet most beautiful way to display your beloved beach finds. All you need is a jar large enough to hold your treasures and wide enough to get them in there—it can be cute and decorative or just a plain empty one from your previous night’s dinner. Fancy up the lid and add a decorative label to note where your shell souvenir jar is from and the date. Fill it with sand, shells, sea glass, sand dollars, driftwood and whatever other pieces of the beach you want to keep to bring back home with you. Amazingly simple! Make this a family beach souvenir tradition and keep adding to your collection. Thanks to Carolyn’s Homework for this creative craft inspiration.





Styrofoam Cup Sea CrabsStyrofoam Cup Sea Crabs

This is another kid-friendly craft favorite for the younger ones and the kids-at-heart. Take a break from the sun, sand and water and enjoy the air-conditioned bliss of your vacation rental while you get creative with cups. You’ll need some styrofoam cups, craft paint in beachy colors and paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, glue and scissors. Trim a few inches off the top of each cup and then paint them in your favorite color, adding a second coat if needed. Then use the pipe cleaners to attach wiggly eyes and form the claws and legs. Put it all together and admire you styrofoam cup crab creations. They’re sure to be a crowd pleaser! Thanks to Crafts by Amanda for this absolutely adorable crab craft. 

Happy Crafting! Aren’t you inspired to go to the beach so you can make a few of these creations for yourself? 


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So which of these beach craft ideas is your favorite? Have fun creating your crafts! Drop us a pic of your beach creation in the comments. We’d love to see it!

Super Simple Crafts You Can Do at the Beach