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3 Packing Secrets to Make Your Life Easier

3 Packing Secrets to Make Your Life Easier

Packing for a vacation can seem like a real drag, if you let it. Cut back on the stress, time and energy you’d normally spend on packing for a vacation by following these top three packing secrets. We promise they will make your life a whole lot easier and you’ll save your time and energy for more important things!



 Pack the Night Before

Packing Secret #1: You can pack the night before.

It’s a wonderful notion to try to be organized and plan ahead, especially when it comes to planning and packing for a vacation. But you know what? There can be a downside to planning too much ahead of time. You actually might have too much time to think about what you need and want to bring, continually revisiting your bags and suitcases for things you might be missing, or waffling on items you want to remove. It really can be counterproductive to pack too far in advance. Instead, don’t allow yourself too much time to think, overanalyze, or add and remove things for your trip by packing the night before. Does that seem too last minute and too rushed for you? Don’t worry, you can still be perfectly prepared for your travels. Purposely procrastinating actually helps you to be efficient, effective and encourages you to stay within a shortened time frame during the packing portion of your vacation. Pack smarter, not harder!


Capsule Wardrobe

Packing Secret #2: Pack a travel capsule wardrobe.

Have you heard about capsule wardrobes? Basically, you’re minimizing what you wear by choosing minimal, versatile and compatible clothing items that work well together. Capsule wardrobes are small, light and portable. By choosing the right pieces of basic clothing paired with easy accents like scarves, cardigans and the right shoes, you allow for mixing, matching and layering for a variety of looks to meet all of your vacation needs. Are you interested in how to best implement a capsule wardrobe for your vacation? We highly recommend you read this article on How to Plan a Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Vacation by Lady Light Travel. She knows what’s she’s talking about because she does it—and does it well. She gives you everything you need to know to pack the perfect capsule wardrobe for your vacation. It’s easy and freeing. Try it!


 Don't Pack, Don't Lose

Packing Secret #3: If you don’t want to lose it, don’t pack it.

Your goal when packing for a vacation is not to pack for everything you “might” need, but for your expected needs on a daily basis. You want to fit in like a local rather than stand out as a tourist. Leave the expensive electronics at home and the superfluous items that are bulky or too time consuming to have to lug around or worry about. More often than not, you won’t miss these items and you’ll enjoy the freedom from burden much more. Do you really need to bring your iPhone, iPad and laptop with you on vacation? Can you rent golf clubs instead of bringing your own? Can you use your phone’s camera instead of bringing your high-end DSLR camera and bulky lenses? Do you really need your own snorkel gear or can you rent some at your vacation destination? These are just a few of the many examples of things that may be better left at home. 
These three simple yet effective secrets to packing for a vacation are well worth trying next time you’re packing for a trip. We think you’ll find that your vacation will be the best one yet because you’re focusing on what really matters and spending time on the things that will be remembered most: your vacation experience, your lifelong memories and time spent together with your loved ones. Packing doesn’t ever make that list, does it? Nor should it!

Packing for a Gulf Beach vacation is one of the easiest trips to prepare for! Flip flops ✔, sunglasses ✔, sunscreen ✔, swimsuit ✔, shorts and tank top ✔! What more do you really need? Start planning your next Florida Gulf Coast vacation now and put these packing tips to good use. 

Do you have a packing secret you’re willing to share that makes vacation planning, packing and travel easier? We’d love to hear it!


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