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6 of the Most Surprising Benefits of Saltwater

6 of the Most Surprising Benefits of Saltwater

Oh saltwater, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. The Gulf of Mexico is not only beautiful to look at and fun to play in, but it’s also good for you in many ways. If you’re looking for some healthy reasons to plan your next Florida Gulf Coast vacation, you can add these to your list. Let’s talk about a few of the benefits of spending more of your time in saltwater. This is really easy to do when your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental is only steps from the Gulf of Mexico waters.

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1. Saltwater is good for your skin.

Sea water has 3.5 percent of salt (sodium chloride)—so for one liter of water, you get 35 grams of salts as well as small parts of magnesium, sulfate, and calcium. It’s these minerals and salts that help revitalize and regenerate your skin, while also helping to ease the symptoms of certain skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis.

2. Saltwater strengthens the immune system.

The number of red blood cells increases between five to 20 percent after a swim in the sea. The number of white blood cells increases even more. Sea water also has medicinal effects for people with a weakened immune system, anemia, and high blood sugar levels. 

3. Saltwater boosts mood and reduces stress.

Because it contains magnesium, sea water has a calming effect. People who live a stressful life are advised to go to the beach, not only for its relaxing atmosphere but also because of the soothing medicinal properties of sea water. Don’t we all feel happier and more relaxed after some time on the beach and in the water? Yes, yes we do.

4. Saltwater helps the body to heal.

Because it is rich in mineral salts such as sodium and iodine, salty sea water has antiseptic and cicatrizing properties on your skin. What is cicatrization? It’s basically the wound-healing process that your body undergoes after an injury resulting in the formation of scar tissue. Saltwater has long been known to relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, and is soothing for the body’s joints.

5. Salty air and water can improve your breathing.

People who suffer from asthma, coughing, phlegm, and other respiratory problems can often find relief by going to the beach and breathing in the salty breeze and swimming in the sea. Saltwater helps eliminate toxins and other elements that attack the lungs. Go ahead and take a few slow, deliberate, deep breaths of the salt air each and every day of your Florida beach vacation. 

6. Saltwater is good for improving sleep.

Because it helps normalize blood pressure and reduces anxious feelings, a day at the beach will help you sleep better and naturally boost your mood. Sea water contains magnesium which has a calming effect. Combine those factors with abundant sunshine, fresh salty air, and swimming in the Gulf waters—and you’re likely to sleep better than you have in a very long time. You can read more about these and other benefits of saltwater here.

Learn more health benefits of saltwater by watching this video.

This short yet informative video goes more in-depth on the benefits of the saltwater and your health. Learn more about how and why it’s good for your mind, body and mood—and why.

Cheers to living the salt life, or at least enjoying it for a little while during your Florida Gulf Coast vacation in Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores.

We’ll sea you soon! 

how do you feel after a day in the salty air and gulf of mexico waters?

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6 of the Most Surprising Benefits of Saltwater