5 Good Reasons Why a Vacation is Important

Why a Vacation is Important

'Tis the season to start planning your next vacation! Now, you may not think that it's a priority but you'd be wrong. There are plenty of reasons to plan a vacation each and every year, but we've narrowed down the five most important ones. Read on and then take action by clicking the Plan Your Vacation button at the end of this post. We promise, you won't regret it. All that's left to do is start counting down the days until your next vacation and look forward to your time away on the coast of somewhere beautiful. We highly recommend an Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores beach vacation, of course! The Florida Gulf Coast is the perfect getaway any time of the year. 


Less Stressed 

1. Vacations make you feel less stressed.

Everyone needs time away from the day-to-day demands of life, and most particularly, our jobs. Sometimes you have to step off the spinning hamster wheel of life and just stop. And you should! That is only way you'll be able to decompress and destress from these tasks. Work-life balance is a crucial life skill, and one that many of us struggle with. If you have vacation time, please use it. Don't volunteer all of your life and time to your employer. You're given vacation days for a reason, so take full advantage. Taking a break from your duties gives you perspective—and time to recenter and refocus on other things. You'll avoid job burnout and come back better equipped to maintain your composure, stay motivated, and perform your job duties better than ever. 


Increased Concentration 

2. Vacation time improves your concentration.

Taking a clean break from what you do every day gives your head a chance to clear. Doing things that revive your creative spirit, give you relaxation and enjoyment, and allow you  time to rest are all good for your mind (not to mention your body and your spirit). Once you spend some time away, you'll come back with more focus and a better ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. You'll feel less distracted and more focused once you return from some dedicated time away. 


Job Satisfaction 

3. Vacations help give you increased job satisfaction.

The workplace is a community effort. When a team member leaves for vacation, the rest of the team pulls together to get the job done. There's a sense of community and helping out your fellow employee that boosts workplace morale and emboldens teamwork. When you know your team and your company value your time off, it helps give a sense of satisfaction  rather than feeling that you're overworked or even taken advantage of at the workplace. You feel appreciated. You feel like you are deserving of some time off. And most importantly, it's not putting anyone out or causing you stress because you're taking time away. That's the way vacation time should be. More vacation time translates to happier employees in the long run. 


Reconnect with Family 

4. Vacations help you reconnect with your family.

When you come home from work, you may not always be at the top of your game mentally or physically. You're tired. You're stressed. You're overwhelmed. Your family life takes a beating from long work days or stressful job demands that can rob you of the energy that you need to give and devote to family time. A vacation that is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone ensures that the family gets a reset and ample opportunities to share in some fun times and new adventures. Family bonding, better communication and quality time spent together are some of the biggest benefits you can reap from a vacation. You can't put a price on those things!


Health and Wellbeing 

5. Vacations improve your overall health and well being.

A quick Google search will confirm that there are many data-driven, science-backed reasons on the hows and whys a vacation is good for you. Practicing self-care and devoting time that will benefit you both short-term and in the long run are investments in your health, your happiness and in your quality of life.

An article from Time.com about vacation and its relation to health and happiness has this to say:


Yet the benefits of vacation are clear. "We know that taking a break is extremely good for one’s mental health,” says Susan Krauss Whitbourne, an adjunct professor of gerontology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, who frequently writes about the benefits of vacation. "It puts you in a different frame of mind, gets you out of your standard patterns and can give you time with family.”



It also helps busy people hit refresh, in a sense. In one survey of 414 travelers, 94% said they had as much or more energy after coming back after a good trip, and 55% who had a low-stress trip returned to work with even higher levels of energy than before.. ."It’s good to just get out of the day to day drudgery,” says Whitbourne.


Vacations have been proven to increase health and happiness, so all that's left to do is follow through. Your vacation awaits. Book it, Dano!


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What benefits do you notice in your life after taking a vacation? We want to know!

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