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The Best Reasons to Start Your Vacation Planning NOW

With the holidays coming uWish You Were Herep, you may not be thinking about your next year’s vacation planning. But you should be. Why? There are many reasons, but here are a few of the best ones. Did we mention it’s a great escape and stress reliever? (That may come in handy during the holiday season.)

Travel as a holiday gift.

The gift of travel is like no other. There is adventure, new scenery, an escape from the same old, same old along with plenty of exciting things see, do and explore at your vacation destination of choice.

Of course, this is where we highly recommend that you give a Florida Gulf Coast vacation to that someone special. Imagine the possibilities. Pristine white beaches, sunny shores, happy palm trees and inviting Gulf of Mexico waters are all part of the experience. If you’re looking to give the gift that keeps on giving, this is it.

Plenty of time to organize your celebration vacation.

Speaking of special occasions, celebration vacations are a hot travel trend these days. No matter what you’re celebrating or what milestone you may be marking, a special trip is a memorable way to do it. Planning now for next year’s special events gives you plenty of time to perfect all of those special touches.

Advance vacation planning is better for your budget.

Booking in advanBudget Friendly Vacation Planningce for next year’s vacation allows time for you to research where you want to go, what you want to do, and find the best deals for the attractions you’d love to visit. Having an organized travel itinerary in advance helps you focus on what you want to do with your precious vacation time. We’d also recommend knowing where to go for local discounts on area attractions.

In Indian Rocks Beach, the Beach Welcome Center offers a host of discounts, valuable coupons and so much more for your use during your Gulf Coast vacation. Busch Gardens Tampa discounts are only one of the many perks. You can start the process now by calling


800.926.9303 to receive a visitors packet. Don’t forget to ask about the Plumlee Perks, which offer give you more bang for your buck.

The best selection of vacation rentals.

Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores have so much to offer when it comes to peaceful surroundings, stunning views and amenities to suit your every desire. To secure that perfect gulf beach accommodation, do your research and book early. You’ll be so glad you did. No worries about that vacation rental you’ve been eying up not being available in a few months. Book early, breathe easy.

Vacation anticipation boosts happiness.Indian Rocks Beach on Florida's Gulf Coast

Yes, yes indeed. We don’t make this stuff up. There is research that indicates vacationers feel most happy before their trips. Why? The anticipation was the key link to happiness in this study. Savoring the anticipation, daydreaming about it, immersing yourself in things that remind you of where you’re going and what you’re going to be doing build the excitement on a daily basis.

Read articles about where you’re going, follow blogs (ahem, follow this one if you’re traveling to the Gulf Coast of Florida any time soon), pull up a live web cam of your destination (check out the IRB beach cam), tell your friends about your upcoming travels, change your Facebook cover photo to reflect your upcoming travel destination. It’s all about the planning process and dreams of what lies ahead.

Ooh, don’t forget to download something like the Vacation Countdown App, where you can countdown your upcoming vacation right down to the second.

Convinced? Good. Start your next year’s Florida Gulf Coast vacation planning now. Your first step begins here. Cheers to as much vacation time as you can squeeze into your calendar year. Hope to see you soon!

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