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Awesome Homeschool Adventures on the Gulf Coast

Awesome Homeschool Adventures on the Gulf Coast

Whether you are homeschooling your kids this year or they’ll be spending a part of their time at home in a virtual or online school setting, you get to take advantage of the many perks that this provides for your entire family. With increased flexibility in their school year, you have some awesome educational vacation and homeschool field trip options. Take advantage of a long weekend away or a shorter set of vacation days at the beach where you can still work, school, and play! 

Here are some of the best homeschool adventures on the Florida Gulf Coast that you and your family can embark upon this coming school year. Learning happens well beyond the inside of a classroom, and often times when it does, it becomes the most memorable life lessons your kids can have. Experiences are some of the absolute best opportunities to learn! All that’s left to do is book your Indian Rocks Beach or Indian Shores vacation rental for your next Florida Gulf Coast getaway. 

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

All About the Sand & IRB Beaches

There is just so much your kids can learn from the beach. From the tides and currents to the science of sandcastle building and seashells, to marine life and natural explorations, the opportunities for hands-on learning abound. Use your kids’ questions and curiosity about the world around them to fuel their knowledge and understanding of the coastal environment. A quick Google or Pinterest search lends a wealth of information and ready-made lessons and activities for families who want to do some focused learning while still having fun at the beach. 

Fish and coral reef in the Gulf of Mexico | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Get to Know the Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a veritable gulf of information! There are so many incredible things you can learn from its biodiversity, its geographical features, its coastal reefs, its environmental impacts, its marine life and more. You could do an entire unit of study that extends well beyond your time on its shoreline. Then there’s the physics behind paddling the local waters, fishing the bountiful offerings, and floating in its saltwater shallows. Head over to our previous blog below for the perfect place to get started with some of the most fascinating facts all in one place. 

Blue crab on the sand | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Florida Coastal Ecology & Marine Biology

From the sea turtles and the shorebirds to the manatees and the dolphins, the coastal marine life and aquatic environment here on the Florida Gulf Coast are incredibly diverse and intricately connected. Whether you learn about the local sea turtle nesting and hatching season or you head over to the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary in Indian Shores for a first-hand look at the local feathered wildlife, or you visit Winter the Dolphin and friends at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, you’re sure to get up-close-and-personal with all our Florida favorites. 

Beach Art Center work, classes, exhibits | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Amazing Arts & Cultural Experiences on the Gulf Coast

The Florida Gulf Coast offers a plethora of artistic and cultural experiences for every age and interest. The Dali Museum, the Morean Arts Center, the Children’s Exploration Museum, the Imagine Museum, and the Beach Art Center right in Indian Rocks Beach are only a few of the many opportunities available to you and your family. With modifications constantly being made to put your health and safety first, you can feel good about getting out and learning more while still maintaining a safe social distance and by wearing masks to protect yourselves and others. 

Boardwalk through Florida nature preserve | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Exploring Nature Through Local Parks & Trails

Indian Rocks Beach alone has many local parks and trails that are part of your vacation experience. Meander along the boardwalk at the IRB Nature Preserve, bike along the streets and trails, bird watch from a bench, and just see the local natural sights. Don’t forget that ZooTampa at Lowry Park is not far from your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental and makes for a wonderful day trip and animal encounter experience for kids and kids-at-heart. Also check out the Florida Botanical Gardens for a beautiful way experience the flora and fauna Florida has to offer.

City of Indian Rocks Beach Sign and flag | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Have Fun with History & Geography 

Learn more about the place you’re traveling to by delving into the local history and geography of Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, and beyond! Start your Florida geography lesson by mapping out your route from your home to your Indian Rocks Beach rental. Check out the Florida state capital, flag, bird, and more to get yourselves better acquainted with the Sunshine State. Then move on to learning some interesting history and trivia about Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores. You also might want to add Heritage Village to your list of field trip opportunities where they bring the local history to life! 


Book your Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores getaway today. 

Awesome Homeschool Adventures on the Gulf Coast