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10 Signs That Beach Life is the Best Life for You

10 Signs That Beach Life is the Best Life for You

Do you ever think about your life and what would help you to live it to its fullest potential? Well, if you’re a beach lover then you will be able to quickly identify with these 10 signs that confirm you were born to be at the beach. If your life feels a little lackluster when you’re away from the sun, sand, and salty water—you’re not alone! That’s just one of many signs that beach life is the best life for you. So when will we next see you on the Florida Gulf Coast? Hopefully you have an Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores vacation already planned for this year. Until then, read this to get you through and help you feel better understood. We feel you!

1. Your vacations are beach destinations.

There are plenty of places to go to enjoy your vacation time. But is it really a vacation if you’re not at the beach? Beach lovers know they have to get their beach fix as often as they can. Nothing else will really do, and there’s no place they’d rather be. 

2. Summer is your favorite season.

If you love the feel of summer on your skin, the long, warm, happy and carefree days, and the laidback vibe of the season (especially when it’s spent at the beach), then that’s a big sign that beach life really is the best life for you.

3. Vitamin D is your favorite supplement.

We all know that Vitamin D levels are really important! But if you happen to prefer the natural way of getting this supplement and need it desperately in your daily diet, then you were definitely born to be at the beach. It pairs really well with Vitamin Sea!

4. You prefer to be barefoot.

No shoes, no problem! You like it better that way. And if you do have to wear shoes, well of course it’s going to be flip-flops. Another sign that you’re a beach baby? You probably own way too many pairs of flip-flops. Are we right? 

5. You own entirely too many swimsuits.

So how many do you currently own right now? Beach lovers are never in short supply of swimwear in its many styles and colors. You probably still shop for swimsuits even when you’re not at the beach. And when it’s not even summer. Tell the truth, it’s okay! You’re among friends. 

Woman on the beach with sun streaming through her hair | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Bare, sandy feet walking through water on the beach | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

Cheers with tropical beach drinks in hand | Plumlee Indian Rocks Beach Vacation Rentals

6. You stream a live beach cam at work.

If you feel the need of a beach presence in your life, even while you’re at work—then it’s safe to say that you were born be at the beach, if only mentally sometimes. Need a 24/7 beautiful beach view? Check out our Indian Rocks Beach web cam. 

7. You could live off fresh seafood.

If the thought of access to fresh seafood each and every day makes you scream, “Yes, please!” then beach life is a perfect fit for you. Sure you could pair it with a yummy rum drink or fresh tropical fruit smoothie, too. It sounds perfect right about now!

8. You look and feel better with a tan.

If you just feel better with a little bit of sun on your skin—and think you look better, too—you’re not alone. Many beach lovers feel this way. As long as you sun smartly, protect your skin, and don’t over do it—you’ll be just fine. 

9. You love saltwater in your hair.

If your hair has never looked better after a swim in the salty waters, then you share the “salty hair, don’t care” attitude of most beach goers. A little extra texture is perfect for beach hair, right? Beach waves for life! 

10. Someday you’ll move to the beach… 

If every time you take a beach vacation, you find it incredibly hard to leave and think “Someday, I’ll move to the beach!” then you can be sure that beach life is the best life for you. It doesn’t have to be “someday” though, you could start looking right now at these Florida Gulf Coast beach homes and condos for sale. Just sayin’! Let us know if we can help. 


And if you have a sure sign that you were born for the beach, tell us in our comment section below. 

10 Signs That Beach Life is the Best Life for You