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How to Take a Beach Break Right from Your Couch

How to Take a Beach Break Right from Your Couch

Everyone needs a little more beach in their lives, right? Right! That’s why we are giving you ways to feel like you’re at the beach no matter where you are. Vacation is a state of mind after all, and you can take a beach break anytime you’d like by checking out these ideas whenever you feel the need. So go ahead and take a mini-vacay at the beach right from your couch, or your desk, or your bed…. or wherever you may be right now. Enjoy!

Live Indian Rocks Florida Beach Cam | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

1. Watch the live Indian Rocks Beach cam.

The absolute easiest and quickest way to get yourself in a beach state of mind is to turn on that live beach cam feed, grab a tropical drink, then relax and enjoy the Indian Rocks Beach, Florida Gulf of Mexico views. If you can’t be here right now, this is definitely the next best thing! Join us!  You can view the live Indian Rocks Beach web cam here.

The Vacationers Book Cover | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

2. Read a book set at the beach.

Another great way to take a mental beach vacation is by immersing yourself in a good book. There are plenty of fabulous reads set on the beach, so find one that piques your interest. Need some advice? Check out this New York Times list of popular books set at that beach. (If you have any good ones to recommend, put them in our comment section below!)

Dolphin Tale Movie Cover | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

3. Watch a beach movie.

Escape to the beach with a movie set in your favorite location! While there are plenty of beach movies that can take you somewhere warm and sunny, of course we’re going to recommend that you watch the Dolphin Tale movies. They’re set right here on the Florida Gulf Coast starring Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s most famous residents—Winter and Hope.

Live in the Sunshine Beach Meme | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

4. Use social media to visit your favorite beaches.

Did you know that Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty is on all your favorite social media channels? We are! Whether you are a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest lover, you can find us on there too with all things Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores. Anytime you need some good beach quotes, inspiring beach vibes and more just come check us out online. Like and follow along!

Indian Rocks Beach and Gulf of Mexico | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

5. Read beach blogs.

Last but certainly not least, check out our blog posts! We publish new ones each and every week for your reading pleasure. You can catch at your leisure, and learn more about the Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, and greater Florida Gulf Coast areas. We love it here and want to share it all with you. Enjoy these until you’re here with us again!

what’s your favorite way to take a mental beach breaK?

We want to know! Let us know in the comment section below. 

How to Take a Beach Break Right from Your Couch