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The Best Beach Fashion Tips of the Year

The Best Beach Fashion Tips of the Year | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

From the fashion runways to real life, we’ve been looking at the latest beach fashion trends for 2019 that you’ll want to know about for your Florida Gulf Coast vacation. The good news is that so many of this year’s trends are perfectly suited for your vacation days and totally wearable! Before you shop for your beach trip, check out these trends and pin them to your Pinterest page for later. (Just click on the photo and save it right to your Pinterest board.) 

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Now, back to what to wear at the beach this year! 

Tie Dye Beach Dress | Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Tie-Dye No Lie

Tie-Dye is back, for real! This flashback to the sixties has a modern take and works well at the beach whether it’s swimwear, crop tops, coverups or maxi dresses. How you wear it is up to you but you’re sure to see a lot of it on the beaches and on the streets this year. So, do you dig it and will you wear it?

Crochet Beach Dress| Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Crochet All Day

Crochet was seen everywhere on the 2019 fashion runways and well beyond just bikinis (those were there, too). Crocheted coverups, dresses, skirts and even pants made their appearance. Not sure if crochet is for you? Try incorporating this fashion trend when you choose your beach bag. It’s perfect!

Tropical Print Kimono | Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Hello Kimono

Kimonos make really stylish beach coverups. But not only that, you’ll see them beyond the beaches and around town as a popular fashion statement this year. They perfectly pair with just about any outfit from formal to casual. Tropical prints are really big this year, as are tribal and other bold patterns. Find one that works for you and pack it.

Yellow Maxi Dress | Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

You’ll see a lot of bright yellow this year, and not just from the Florida sun! It’s one of the hot colors to be found everywhere. Wear it as you please and the brighter the better. So choose brightly! From swimwear, to formal wear, to street wear, be sure to wear it loud and proud. It’s also complements your sun-kissed skin very nicely. 

Man in Bermuda Shorts | Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Bermuda Shorts for Everyone

We’re thankful for sensible shorts that work well on just about everyone—and also happen to be trending this year. Knee-length Bermuda shorts are big in both men’s and women’s fashion in 2019 and for good reason—their tailored, well-fitting look adds polish and style to any occasion. Get a pair that works for you and make it a wardrobe staple.

Beautiful Beach Sandals | Plumlee Gulf Beach Vacation Rentals

Fun Flats & Sassy Sandals

Everyone loves a great pair of shoes, right? Fun flats and sassy sandals are a beach must-have, so this one is easy to pull off. Whatever kind of flair or accessorizing works for you, your footwear should reflect that. There were all kinds of fringing, beading, feathering and more on the runways, so be bold with your footwear this season. You really can’t go wrong. 

The Best Beach Fashion Tips of the Year | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Which of these 2019 beach fashion trends will you be wearing?

We want to know! Comment below and be sure to share this post with the fashion lovers in your life!

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