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How to Plan a Romantic Getaway to the Gulf Coast

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway to the Gulf Coast | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Love is always in the air here on Florida’s Gulf Coast whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any day where you want to reconnect with your loved one in a beautifully romantic place where the sand surrounds you, the warm waters invite you in, and the sun kisses your skin. No matter how you prefer to spend this special time together, you can do it here. Big adventures? Quiet moments? Nights out on the town? Cozy nights in? You want it, we’ve got it. 

Here’s exactly what you need to know to plan a Florida Gulf Coast getaway filled with romance, love and memories in the making. It all starts with you.


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1. Save the date.

Sit down with your loved one and open up your calendars. Find a block of time that works well for both of you and pencil in those dates on your calendar. You certainly want it to be a doable time for you both to get away without too much stress, worry or distraction. Now you can move on to finding and reserving your accommodations. 

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2. Book the right rental.

Find the Florida beach vacation rental that works for you as a couple. Discuss the amenities that matter most to you both and agree on ones that you’ll actually use whether it’s a hot tub, pool, or fireplace and whether you prefer cozy, spacious, modern or traditional. Also, do you want to be on the Gulf or Intracoastal Waterway?  

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3. Leave the little ones at home.

Sorry kids, not this time. Leave the little ones at home so you can focus on enjoying quality time together as a couple. Family vacation time is wonderful (and you can plan another Gulf Coast getaway for that!) but it’s not the same as a couples-only getaway. This is your time together to refocus on your relationship—and that’s hard to do with the kids in tow.

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4. Plan a few of your favorite things as a couple. 

Sit down together and talk about how you’d like to spend your time away. Pick a few things you both really want to do and plan for them accordingly. Choose things that both of you will enjoy or alternate activities that focus on each person’s passions or interests. It’s all about you as a couple—but that takes two—so be sure you’re both having fun.

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5. Have a Valentine’s Day adventure.

if you’re going over the Valentine’s Day holiday, make it really memorable by planning a special adventure, trying something new, or crossing off a bucket list item. Go big or go home, as they say. Need some inspiration? Here are some grand adventures you can experience on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Try them if you dare!

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6. Sprinkle in some surprises.

Give the gift of the unexpected! Plan to have a beautiful Plumlee Gift Basket ready and waiting upon arrival to your rental, spontaneously buy some flowers on one of your nights out, have a bottle of champagne chilling on ice out on your balcony, or pack a special gift for your sweetheart tucked away in their luggage. 

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7. Throw in some throwbacks.

Go ahead and earn some romantic points by throwing in some reminders of days past: read love notes you wrote each other, dance to your wedding song, recreate your first date—remind each other of way back when, when your love was fresh and new. Nostalgia never gets old and your efforts will certainly be noticed and appreciated. 

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8. Dress to impress. 

It’s fun to dress up and go out somewhere fancy! Tell your loved one to pack something special in anticipation of your formal night out (or your romantic night in). You probably don’t dress up as often as you used to, so take the opportunity to do it while you’re away together. Admire your loved one all dressed up—and let them admire you, too. 

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9. Plan for free time.

This sounds like an oxymoron, but you definitely want to make sure that you plan for enough down time and free time together so you can enjoy each other’s company and feel relaxed while you’re away. This also allows for some spontaneous adventures to present themselves along the way. One of our best pieces of advice is: Don’t over-plan your stay.

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10. Disconnect to reconnect.

Yes, you really should disconnect from technology for most of the time you’re away. It’s perfectly fine to document a few of the special moments to remember but reconnecting with your partner is the ultimate goal. The rest of the world, digital and otherwise, will be there when you get back. Savor these special moments with the one you love the most knowing that you’re making memories that last a lifetime while also giving the gift of time together. Cheers to you!

Would You love  a romantic Getaway to Florida’s Gulf Coast? 

Now is the time to start planning it. Here are some local places we love and know you will, too. 

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway to the Gulf Coast | Plumlee Vacation Rentals