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3 Big Reasons to Book Direct and Save Money

3 Big Reasons to Book Direct and Save Money | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Using a third-party travel service is so yesteryear. There’s a growing dissatisfaction among vacationers who are still using these travel agencies and internet services to book their travel. The biggest complaint is the extra fees and service charges that are not always so obvious when you book your vacation this way. You think you’re getting a good deal on your vacation accommodations only to find that when it’s all said and done, those hidden fees are tacked onto your final price making it not as cheap as you expected it to be.

But there is a better way! When you choose to book direct, you are gaining more than a few benefits to your vacation. Here are the three biggest reasons you should book direct and save money. 

1. Avoid Hidden Third-Party Travel Fees

HomeAway, VRBO, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Priceline, etc are all examples of online travel agencies that charge their travelers “service fees”. Why should you pay extra if you don’t have to?

Avoid Hidden Third-Party Travel Fees | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Sometimes it’s really hard to find these hidden fees. It’s important to uncover all the details when booking anything on the internet. Read the fine print!  There’s a growing number of travelers and vacationers who are tired of dealing with huge online travel agencies, their lack of customer service, and their hidden traveler service fees on their reservation systems. 

Skip the hassle! Book direct and save money.

2. Receive Better Service by Booking Direct

When you book direct, you have direct contact with the property manager who’s on site—and you avoid having to use an unnecessary “middle man” with whom to communicate.

Receive Better Service by Booking Direct | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

If you need to know if there is a grill, a kayak, how the TV remote works, how to adjust the temperature of a pool, how to turn on the air conditioning, where the nearest grocery store is, etc, a property manager can answer you quickly and efficiently. 

When you book direct, you can find answers to important questions before you commit to a reservation. Property Managers have intimate knowledge of their accommodations and destinations. They can direct you to the best sports rentals, restaurants, things to do, tour operators and travel experiences for your dream vacation.

Occasionally emergencies and extreme weather happen. You may need to get answers fast. No matter what type guarantee is offered with an online travel agency, their 24/7 call center is probably based thousands of miles away and won’t be able to help you. A property manager can quickly help you with evacuation routes, local clinic, hospital information and emergency details—as well as recommended travel insurance companies dedicated to the unique needs of the area.

3. Get Insider Vacation Rental Rates & More Perks

So exactly what does booking direct with Plumlee Realty do for you as a vacationer? We’re glad you asked! Here are a few of the ways we save you money and give you the vacation you deserve.

Get Insider Vacation Rental Rates & More Perks | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Repeat Renter Discounts: We offer a 10% discount for our guests who return year after year (some restrictions apply). Contact us to learn more about our Repeat Renter discount.

Plumlee Perks: Our Plumlee Perks set us apart from the other vacation rental companies because we give you more for your vacation dollar. Free bikes, free DVDs, and more family-friendly amenities are all part of the package when you choose to vacation with Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty. 

Direct Access to Insider Discounts and Specials:  Check out the discounts and reduced pricing we have to offer you on your favorite Florida Gulf Coast attractions. Enjoy the special pricing we can give you at the Clearwater Aquarium, Busch Gardens, Sea World, and Adventure Island. We also offer the Tampa Bay CityPass, too! What’s not to love?

Vacation smarter, not harder! Book your next Gulf beach vacation directly with us and see why it’s the best way to travel. 

3 Big Reasons to Book Direct and Save Money | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Book Direct with Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty today!

Start right here by taking a look at our large selection of Florida Gulf Coast vacation rentals and find your place in the sun and sand. Let us know if we can help you!

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