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Everything You Need to Know About 2018 Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends 

If you love to be in style with the latest fashion trends, this is the post for you! We’re highlighting some of the biggest and best 2018 style trends taken from the fashion runway and perfect for your every day. Many of these spring and summer fashion trends translate well for being at the beach, so take a look at these and plan ahead before you pack for your next Gulf beach vacation. You’ll want to incorporate these trending elements into your wardrobe choices. Here’s what’s hot in 2018 fashion.



Color is everything.

The 2018 color palettes that stand out for spring and summer are both bold and bright as well as soft and subdued. Here are the two biggest color trends as seen on the fashion runways, which are quickly making their way to the streets. 
Bold Colors
If fashion imitates art, then you’ll want to take a peek at a box of Crayola crayons or a painter’s palette. Take some color inspiration from the deep, rich shades of color found there. Go bold or go home this season with a few pieces of clothing that are bright and beautiful. Take some additional inspiration from a Gulf beach sunset, the deep green palm trees, and the bright blue Gulf of Mexico waters. 
Pastel Colors
Just as you need a few bold pieces in your wardrobe, you’ll also want to choose a few pretty pale pastels. Think of Easter with its soft pinks, purples, blues, greens and yellows. It’s another perfect color palette for the beach that’s as peaceful and calming as the coastal colors themselves.


Pretty patterns abound.

It’s not all about colors this spring and summer. You’ll want to add some patterns to the mix, too. Choose small accents of these patterns or go more boldly; it’s up to you. 
Floral is in style in 2018. From flowing, flowery dresses to floral patterned swimsuits to beautiful blouses, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your style and personal taste. Whether you choose florals with bright colors or softer pastels, at least you know that they’re both popular choices and totally trending. Win-win!
Checkered patterns are really big. Though you may think checkered clothing is not really a spring or summer fashion element, it is this year. Think checkered pencil skirts, check-patterned shorts and fully checkered dresses. In classic black and white as well as in a multitude of colors, this trend will have you saying, “Check, please!”. 
Mix and Match
Don’t be afraid to mix and match your colors this season and even your patterns! It’s what hot on the runway, so you’re sure to see it in everyday style, too. That makes packing for a beach vacation even easier, right? Right!
Sequins and Sparkle
Big shine and sparkle aren’t just for evenings anymore. In 2018 it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your sparkle during your summer days and your summer nights, making it much easier to transition between the two. 


Accessories are big.

Accessories are big, both figuratively and literally on the 2018 fashion scene. They are hard to overlook this season but really easy to implement into your style sense. The bigger the better.
Oversized Jewelery
Chunky, eye-catching jewelry is hot for spring and summer. Whether you choose large oversized earrings or a stunning over-the-top necklace, big bold jewelry is going to be everywhere from beach style to street style to nights out on the town. Make it fun and flirty, and go big.
Fringe Elements
Fringe is found on purses, beach cover-ups, swimsuits and even footwear. It’s a popular accessory to make a part of your spring and summer wardrobe this season. Try it, you may like it.
Extra Large Totes
Just as oversized jewelry is in vogue this season, so are XL bags and totes. Here’s the perfect reason to update your beach bag this season. Go bigger and better while staying right in style. 
You can read more about these and other 2018 Spring and Summer Fashion trends here. Also check out Plumlee Realty on Pinterest for more beach-inspired fashion, beauty and more. 


Are there any 2018 fashion trends that you really love and will you be wearing them this spring and summer? We want to know!

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