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Why Labor Day at the Beach is the Best

Labor Day at the Beach

Everything is better at the beach! Spending your Labor Day weekend on the Gulf Coast of Florida is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday that marks the symbolic end of summer. Walk out of your Indian Rocks or Indian Shores beach vacation rental and onto the pristine sugar sands of Gulf Coast paradise. Why would you want to spend Labor Day any other way?

In case you might need more convincing, here are a few more reasons why Labor Day at the beach is the best. Let us count the ways!

Florida Beach and Beach Chairs


1. A beach state of mind is instantly relaxing.

Take a real break from your labor. This is the true spirit and meaning behind the Labor Day holiday. Celebrating working Americans like you is what this day is all about. Now go ahead and take the day off and go somewhere beautifully relaxing. Need a suggestion? The Gulf Coast of Florida is your perfect Labor Day beach destination!

Life is a little more laid back here. Beach life is the life. A beach state of mind is inherently laid-back and carefree. Combine that with the island spirit you’ll find on Indian Rocks and Indian Shores beaches, and you’re all set for maximum R-and-R. 

No stress, no worries. Forget your troubles and let the water, sand and sunshine soothe your soul. Restore yourself and your spirit, and get back to feeling like you again. There is no time like the present.

The sun, sand and water are good for the mind, body and spirit. Swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Feel the sugar sand beneath your feet. Feel the sun on your skin. You need more of all of these natural elements in your life. Not to mention plenty of beautiful blue skies, verdant green palm trees, and miles of white sand as far as the eye can see. 

2. Life is better at the beach.

The beach boosts your mood. Studies have shown that the blues and greens and nature are good for you. Spending time outside in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and getting reacquainted with nature are all restorative. There’s just something about the beach that makes you feel better. It’s true! Science backs that up. So what are you waiting for?
You can nothing or do everything. How you spend your time is up to you, but rest assured that you can simply lie still and enjoy the moment or you can fill your day with any and every coastal adventure your heart desires. The options are endless and the sky’s the limit. 
Be in the moment. Pay attention to everything. Be mindful of the present. Take notice of the small things. Feel the warmth of the soft sand between your toes. Inhale and exhale the coastal air. Watch the sun glisten of the waters. Observe the wildlife around you. Slow down and enjoy the experience. Remember, you’re on island time in Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores.


3. The beach gives perspective.

Look out over the expansive Gulf of Mexico. It’s good to feel small in a big world sometimes. It gives you a fresh perspective and a chance to recenter your thoughts and your focus. Try it, you’ll see what we mean.

Drive down the gorgeous western Florida coastline and enjoy the Gulf Coast views. You’ll forget about everything else because you’ll be so enamored by the breathtaking scenery. Drive down Gulf Boulevard and see where you end up. We promise wherever your destination leads, it will end up on the coast of somewhere beautiful.
Set sail on an open water adventure. Take a scenic sightseeing cruise, book a fishing charter, go dolphin watching, or embark on a sunset sail in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. However you do it, you’re sure to feel at peace and at home in the deep blue waters. 
Focus on what really matters in life. Work is not life! It’s a part of life, but Labor Day reminds us that we all work hard in order to reap the benefits of freedom and time away from the demands of everyday life. Whatever matters most to you, spend time doing that this holiday. Everything else will be there when you get back.
Take the opportunity to spend quality time with the ones who matter most to you. When’s the last time you and your family really talked, laughed, and were all in the same place at the same time? Seriously, life can be so crazy some days that you feel like you’re all ships passing in the night. Reign in the craziness and trade it for a few calm, relaxing beach days where you don’t have to be anywhere and you don’t have anything on the schedule. Quality time together is a precious commodity. Treasure it!

4. No shoes, no, shirt, no problem.

You don’t need much to have a good time at the beach. Really, you don’t. That’s the beauty of it. A towel, some shades and a little sunscreen are your beach bag essentials. Spend the day watching the tides or catching up on an afternoon nap. Bring a book if you want or just stroll the shoreline. You don’t need much to have a great day at the beach. You just have to be there.

Minimal requirements for maximum enjoyment. The beach is nature’s playground. Whether you’re a kid or kid-at-heart, there are plenty of things to do while you’re here that don’t require much of anything. Shelling, splashing, exploring, sandcastle building, playing, swimming and observing are all free of charge, courtesy of nature. 
Life is simpler. The little things matter and are noticed. People smile more. Life isn’t so rushed. Beach life is the best life for these reasons and many more. Come find out for yourself. We love sharing a slice of paradise with you. 

All you really need can fit into your beach bag. At the end of the day, all you really need is your beach bag and a way to get to the beach. Pack it up, go, and make the most of every moment. Crank up a little Kenny Chesney if you need some musical motivation to get you in the island spirit.


Happy Florida Beach 

5. Don’t worry, be happy.

Relax your mind. That’s sometimes easier said than done, but it tends to be a lot easier at the beach. It’s an inherent quality of coastal life: things are more laid-back and life is a little less stressful. Go ahead and spend some time being happy and stress-free.

Focus on the beauty, peace and harmony of the coastal elements. We’ve already touched on this but it’s worth reiterating. Invite more peace and calm into your daily life and you’ll see how quickly the stress and worries disappear, if only for a little while. We all need a break from the day-to-day tasks and pressures of everyday living. Find your happy place and make an appointment to be there. The sun, sand and water are wonderful companions.

Live in the moment, if only for a little while. Sometimes we spend so much time dwelling on the past or planning for the future that time marches on and the present moment keeps slipping away. Don’t let that happen! Zero in on what’s happening in the here and now. Grab ahold of it and savor it. Make a conscious and mindful effort to not just go through the motions. Observe. Appreciate. Be still. Remember gratitude. Find peace. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.


Wishing you a happy, peaceful and relaxing Labor Day 2017! See you on the beach!






Are you spending your Labor Day at the beach? How do you plan to make to spend this precious time?


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