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One Tropical Cocktail That You Need to Know How to Make

One Tropical Cocktail That You Need to Know How to Make 
Everyone should have at least one deliciously refreshing, totally tropical and simply satisfying cocktail recipe to stir up for family, friends, guests or just yourself. If you’re in search of that perfect beach cocktail, then look no further. We have the one for you! It’s easy to make, completely adaptable and absolutely addictive. You can make it as a single serving in a tall glass or make it in larger quantities for entertaining. You can even adapt it from an adult-only cocktail to a kid-friendly version with one simple substitution. 

Ready? Get your glass and let’s pour ourselves a drink, shall we? We’re taking a nod from the classic Malibu Bay Breeze where coconut rum is the star and the pretty Tropical Bay Breeze which contains a bright splash of grenadine—and taking it to a whole new level of thirst-quenching delight in this Florida-friendly version of our very own.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present you with the Tampa Bay Breeze. It’s the perfect signature cocktail to imbibe whether you’re on the Gulf Coast or just dreaming about the Gulf Coast. It’s a taste of tropical paradise that will bring you right to the beach with it’s exotic fruit juice flavors enhanced by the light-and-sweet flavored rum undercurrents. The colors are reminiscent of a Gulf of Mexico sunset and the taste is lovely and refreshing. 

Here’s what you need to make a Tampa Bay Breeze. We’re confident that it will be your new favorite drink and a hit at your summer beach parties. Our recipe is for a single serving, but you can easily multiply it to party-size proportions. It’s basically one part pineapple juice, one part cranberry and one part flavored rum(s) with a splash of grenadine for an added pop of color and sweetness. Serve it layered or stirred, whichever you prefer. Make it a non-alcoholic drink by trading out the rum with coconut water or coconut extract. Kids will love it! Dress it up with a garnish of lime, pineapple, orange, maraschino cherry or all of the above. Go ahead and add that drink umbrella for extra festive flair. 

Tampa Bay Breeze Cocktail Ingredients & Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

2oz. pineapple juice

2oz. cranberry juice

1oz. coconut rum

1 oz. pineapple rum

splash of grenadine

garnish of lime wedge, pineapple slice, orange, and/or maraschino cherry

All that’s left to do is pour and garnish! Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in each ingredient (see additional notes below the recipe card). Leave in layers or stir to combine. Garnish as desired. Cheers!

Tampa Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe



  • For a more distinct layered look, pour ingredients in order of sugar content (Higher Sugar Content=Heavier Liquid). You can get fancy and use the back-of-the-spoon method to slowly pour each layer, or you can just pour each ingredient slowly over the ice. Either way, it looks and tastes good!
  • The choice of flavored rums is totally up to you. You can keep it simple with all coconut-flavored rum or trade out the pineapple rum for any other tropical flavored rum of your preference like mango, guava, banana or passionfruit. They are all delicious and work well in this cocktail. Experiment and find which one you love most!


What is the one tropical cocktail you make when you’re craving a taste of the beach? Drop us a line in the comment section and tell us! Also let us know if you’ve made a Tampa Bay Breeze and how you liked it. 

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