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Clearwater Celebrities: Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop a Must-Stop During Your Florida Gulf Coast Vacation

Hogan's Beach Shop in Clearwater FLAlright Hulk Hogan fans, this is for you. You’ve watched Wrestlemania. The image of the Hulk body-slamming the Iron Sheik is immortalized in your mind. You’ve watched Rocky III hundreds of times. You’re a diehard fan of the (now discontinued) reality television show Hogan Knows Best. You sympathized during the Hulksters trials and tribulations including the divorce from his wife, his battle to overcome depression, and the tragedy left in the wake of his son’s car crash. You’ve read his book. Maybe you’ve even dyed your hair bleach blonde, tied on a bandana, grew a handlebar mustache, slathered on the self-tanner and occasionally donned a feather boa. (Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.)

But have you been to Hulk’s store in Clearwater Beach, Florida?

Hogan’s Beach Shop opened in 2012 and is part beach apparel and accessories shop; part Hulk Hogan shrine. Amongst the Panama Jack hats, flip flops and sunscreen, you’ll find a treasure trove of  Hulkamania and Thunderlips t-shirts. Peruse the shelves of DVDs featuring Hulk Hogan in his various movie roles including Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, and the aforementioned Rocky III. Grab your own copy of Wrestlemania III. Don’t forget to pick up a hardcover copy of the Hulk’s autobiography, My Life Outside the Ring before checking out.

Hulk Hogan, née Terry Bollea, grew up in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, attended the University of South Florida, and currently lives in a Clearwater beachfront mansion not far from the shop. The Hulk has lived in and around the Clearwater area for years, and his celebrity presence adds an extra attraction to the already popular beach destination.

Do you want to know a few more things about Hogan’s Beach Shop? Yes, Hulk Hogan does come in to the store on occasion. No, he doesn’t have a set schedule of appearances. The belts in the shop are “real authentic replicas” and you can buy one. This is not Hulk’s restaurant. You’ll find that in Tampa, which is not too far, by the way. You should probably try that, too.

Hogan’s Beach shop is located in the heart of the Clearwater Beach shopping district at the Pelican Walk Shopping Center at 483 Mandalay Avenue. It’s a quick coastal drive from your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental. Check it out! Don’t forget to wear your red and yellow rippable t-shirt. The Hulkster would appreciate that.

*Photo Credit: Hogan’s Beach Shop Facebook page.

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