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True or False? Debunking 7 Myths about Florida’s Gulf Coast after Hurricane Ian

Plumlee Vacation Rentals is grateful to be open for business following Hurricane Ian and humbled that the Tampa Bay Area was spared the devastation that occurred in South Florida. However, some media outlets are reporting that the entire Gulf Coast of Florida is underwater, which is not true. In this article, we would like to debunk some myths and misconceptions surrounding Hurricane Ian.

We want to reach out to our Florida neighbors looking for temporary housing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. We are extending our hand with an exclusive offer on our vacation rentals for those most affected by the damage. You can find more information on this exclusive offer at the end of this article.

Debunking 7 Myths about Florida’s Gulf Coast after Hurricane Ian

1. Hurricane Ian ravaged the entire Gulf Coast of Florida.

False. We are fortunate that most of the Gulf Coast remains unharmed after Hurricane Ian. Again our hearts go out to our neighbors on the Southern Gulf Coast of Florida whose lives have been disrupted. 

2. The Tampa Bay Area was shown on the news to be where Hurricane Ian would make landfall.

True. The forecasts showed that the Tampa Bay Area was the most likely to take a direct hit from Hurricane Ian. But the myth spread because this information was shown on the news before the storm made landfall. In actuality, the Tampa Bay Area experienced no flooding from storm surge, and the eye of Hurricane Ian did not make landfall here. We did experience torrential rain and wind.  

3. Food is scarce. Most restaurants are closed, and grocery stores have empty shelves.

False. Most restaurants and grocery stores on the Florida Gulf Coast are open. Restaurants and other businesses near the beaches had to move their inventory and secure equipment in case of flooding. After the storm, they had to move furniture back, evaluate inventory, and order new items as needed. Restoring their operations may have taken a few days, but now most stores are back up and running. You can be assured that there is no spoiled food left behind and that they are restocking empty shelves as quickly as possible.

4. Most of Florida has no electricity and, therefore, no air conditioning.

False. While some places in south Florida have suffered extensive damage to their infrastructure, most of Florida has the lights back on, including the Tampa Bay Area.

5. The water is not safe to drink.

False. Most of Florida has safe drinking water. The areas where water treatment plants are affected will have notices on the county and city websites. Our vacation rentals have safe water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, and bathing.

6. There are significant highways underwater.

True. Some highways in South Florida have flooded; however, our area has no highway closures due to Hurricane Ian.

7. There are gas shortages in Florida.

True. This happens whenever a tropical storm hits Florida because residents fill up their tanks before a storm and during evacuation. However, our area is not experiencing fuel shortages or high prices at the gas pump.

Exclusive Offer for Florida Residents Affected by Hurricane Ian

Plumlee Vacation Rentals would like to reach out to our Florida neighbors looking for temporary housing in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. We offer over 150 vacation rentals on the Florida Gulf Coast, many of which are immediately available. You can browse through all of our rentals here.

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