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How to Have the Most Memorable Thanksgiving on the Gulf Coast

How to Have the Most Memorable Thanksgiving on the Gulf Coast | Plumlee Realty

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving adventure this year? We have one for you! You should consider spending Thanksgiving on Florida’s Gulf Coast this year. It’s not too late to book your Indian Rocks Beach vacation rental or Indian Shores beach condo, you know. There are still some amazing vacation rental deals that allow you to have a long holiday weekend away from it all. You can have the most memorable Thanksgiving ever by spending it here with us. We’d love to have you! Here’s what you need to do to make that happen. 

1. Book Your Gulf Coast Rental

There are some great Florida vacation rental rates over the Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy a long holiday weekend on Florida’s Gulf Coast where you can add a little warm sun, white sand and swaying palm trees to your Thanksgiving celebration. Make it a shellabration (pun intended) right on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll be thankful for the gorgeous views right from your beach rental and all that comes with it. The beach makes everything better, you know. Book your Thanksgiving gulf beach getaway today!

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2. Thanksgiving Dinner In or Out

You have the choice of putting your vacation rental kitchen to good use by making your Thanksgiving meal in, or choosing to go out and eat locally. Either way, Thanksgiving at the beach is a nice combination of beautiful coastal scenery paired with all the Thanksgiving traditions you hold dear. Gather your family around the table, serve up your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and then wrap up your day with a stroll on the beach to burn off a few of those delicious calories. Then you can come back and have your dessert and feel guilt free. What’s not to love?

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3. Relax on the Gulf of Mexico

Holidays can be busy—too busy, sometimes. Make your Thanksgiving holiday even better by allowing yourself a little rest and relaxation this year. Give yourself permission to take some time off. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this time of year, not to mention the busyness of everyday life. Taking time off to recharge your batteries not only benefits you, but also your family. Seriously, shouldn’t you be right here on the beach this year? Yes, absolutely.

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4. Add Gulf Coast Seafood to the Menu

There’s nothing wrong with changing up your Thanksgiving menu to include some scrumptious Florida Gulf Coast seafood. It brings an added level of deliciousness to your table. Fresh, locally caught seafood can be the centerpiece of your meal or just a nice addition to the classic holiday dishes. Either way, it’s a crowd-pleaser. Need some inspiration? Check out these 3 Simple Seafood Appetizers That Make Entertaining Easy. You’re welcome!

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5. Try Something New & Exciting

This is probably the most effective way to make your Thanksgiving one for the books: do something you’ve never done before! It’s pretty easy to do that here at the beach. Have you ever parasailed? Gone deep-sea fishing? Done a shark dive? Jumped out of an airplane? Tried a zip-line adventure? You can find all of these adrenaline-filled Florida Gulf Coast adventures and more right here. Cross something off of your bucket list this Thanksgiving as you take the family out for some heart-pounding fun and quality time together. You’re sure to make memories that last a lifetime!

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How to Have the Most Memorable Thanksgiving on the Gulf Coast | Plumlee Realty

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