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Beach Quotes To Make You Happy and Healthy

Beach Quotes

The beach makes everything better—and it’s good for your mind, body and spirit. We’re bringing you some beach inspiration today straight from the Gulf Coast of Florida with some beach quotes that will help boost your health and happiness. Everyone knows a vacation is good for you, but a beach vacation is the best! Here are your doctor’s orders to start planning your next Florida Gulf Beach vacation. Read on and then book your Indian Rocks Beach rental or Indian Shores condo. You deserve it!

 Sunshine is the best medicine

Sunshine is the best medicine.

We all know the health benefits of getting the right amount of Vitamin D. There is no better or more natural way to get your fill than by being out in the sunshine. Just 15 minutes a day is all you really need, but you go ahead and spend as long as you want soaking up the rays in the Sunshine State. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Ocean Breeze 

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.

Yes, yes it does. Although you’re technically not by an ocean, the gulf breezes have the same effect. Take a few moments to stop and notice how it feels against your skin. Breathe in deeply and then exhale slowly. Ahhh, instant relaxation!

We dream in color 

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.

What are your dreams filled with? Calm, relaxing coastal colors? Happy blues and greens? Indeed, coastal waters provide inspiration for life and dreams.


Happiness is a day at the beach.

Simple but true. Life is just better at the beach. Everything is better at the beach! With no where to go and no where to be, a day at the beach is just what you need.


Leave footprints

Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go.

The world certainly needs more of both of these things. So go ahead and leave nothing behind but your footprints—and a little extra love and kindness along your path.

Sky above, sand below 

Sky above, sand below, peace within.

Look up at the cerulean blue sky. Feel the warm sugar sand between your toes. Find inner peace with all of the Gulf Coast beauty that surrounds you. It’s so easy to be relaxed here.

Bring Sunshine 

Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine.

Every day can’t be sunny. Sometimes you have to be the sunshine you want to see. Shine bright and be the light!

Never give up 

Never give up for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.

Change is constant. Good or bad, sometimes you have to just ride the waves of life until the tide turns—and it always does.

Waves of the Sea 

The waves of the sea help me get back to me.

There’s something calming and reassuring about the steady lapping of the waves. The back and forth of the tide-pulled waters can be soothing to the soul. Take some time out to just be.

Always have a shell in your pocket 

May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.

This is the perfect beach anthem. Let’s raise a glass to the beach and toast to it beauty and benefits. Cheers!


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How does the beach make you feel healthier and happier? We want to know!

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