Top 10 FREE Travel Apps You Need to Know About for Your Next Gulf Coast Vacation

Favorite Travel AppsTechnology is your friend! Why not put it to good use during your next Florida Gulf Coast vacation? With so much information right at your fingertips, it's nice to streamline it and know which tools will give you what you want when you want it, without too many clicks or too much typing. C'mon, you're on vacation. Nobody wants to spend their vacation time glued to a smartphone screen. Your time is precious, so make the most of it.

We've compiled a quick Top 10 list of our favorite travel apps (in no particular order). Bonus: They're all offered free-of-charge and are available in both Android and iPhone platforms. Check these out!

Top 10 Free Travel Apps for Your Next Florida Gulf Coast Vacation

1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor an oldie but goodie. You'll find the real deal on what people really think about a destination's accommodations, restaurants, attractions and more. With a huge user base, you'll get a pretty good sense of what to expect when researching the aforementioned items. We like it as a research travel tool, and we find that there are some humorous creative writing strategies at work in some of the reviews. It's worth a read just for those. Entertaining stuff right there.

2. TripList

Everyone wants a quick, easy, organized way to pack for a trip. TripList is a smart way to keep track of your what-to-bring list for your next vacation. The Items Catalog neatly organizes your stuff into categories, and even includes a task list for things you need to do like charging your batteries, downloading books or music and online check-ins.You can duplicate lists for your next trip or save past trips all in one place. Love it. *TripList is free for iPhone, $.99 for Android.

3. GasBuddy

Where can you find the cheapest gas nearest to where you are? GasBuddy can tell you. Whether you choose the list view or map view, you'll always know what the current gas prices are wherever you may be...or may be going. Who wants to pay more for gas? No one! GasBuddy saves you time and money. Win-win.

4. OpenTable

OpenTable Free Travel App

Reservations are a breeze with OpenTable. No more annoying phone calls; no more arriving at a restaurant wondering if they can get you in; no more waiting for an hour to get a table. We love how quick, easy and accurate it is. Restaurants, ratings and menu items are all available on this app along with reservations at your fingertips. We only wish that every single restaurant would sign up to be part of OpenTable. It's aaaaaaa-mazing.

5. MobilyTrip

Every trip deserves a trip journal. MobilyTrip makes it easy to capture memories, organize them all in one place, and share as you please. The app also has a website where you can upload, view and edit your albums on a larger screen, which is helpful. Sharing is simple. You can share your trip journal via Facebook, Twitter or through email. As an added bonus, the app offers travel guides for hundreds of cities around the world.

6. Foursquare

Foursquare made some big changes recently. Today's Foursquare focuses on popular local recommendations personalized to suit your tastes and interests, as well as including reviews from your friends. The real-time check-in feature that was formerly associated with this app has been diverted to Swarm, a separate app that allows you to keep up and meet up with your friends. Though there have been mixed reviews on the changes, we like the split as it provides increased privacy and decreased distractions in Foursquare and the option of the more social-based Swarm. This Yelp competitor offers an encyclopedia of accurate, user-based information in a easy-to-use format. We particularly love the Tips section based on recommendations from the people you choose to follow. Try it.

7. Sunscreen Re-applying Reminder App

You're heading to the Sunshine State. You want to enjoy the warm rays but also be mindful of getting too much sun. When to apply sunscreen? There's an app for that. Sunscreen offers manual and auto reminders for when to slather on that sunscreen. You can set reminders for yourself as well as all of your family members. We want you to enjoy our sunny days here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but we also want you to be smart and safe about it. This app can help.

8. Google

Okay, every once in awhile you have a burning question that needs answeringnow. Google is still the master of information. It's a worthwhile app to have. Don't forget there are also related apps like Google+, Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Drive, and so on and so on. When it doubt, just Google it.

9. Postagram

With today's technology, postcards sometimes seem like a thing of the past. They need not be with the Postagram app. Postcards are a classic way to share your travels with your friends and family, as well as giving them a little memento as a keepsake. And hey, it's nice to know someone is thinking of you, right? Postagram is your modern postmaster allowing you to send personalized photos and messages from your phone to your loved ones. They'll receive an actual hard-copy postcard in the mail from yours truly. It only costs $.99 per postcard, which includes the postage. Can't beat that deal with a stick.

10. Plumlee Vacation AppPlumlee Vacation App

Last but not least, what's a trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida without the Plumlee Vacation app? Not your best vacation, that's for sure. This free app is your personal Gulf Coast concierge available to you 24-7. View events, local Gulf Coast and Indian Rocks Beach recommendations, read up on popular attractions and more. The app gives you access to your Plumlee vacation rental with only a few quick clicks. It's nice keeping all of your beach vacation travel information all in one place. Download it now!

These are our favorite free travel apps to make your vacation the best it can be. We hope you find a few, if not all, of these apps useful during your next Gulf Coast vacation.

What are you favorite travel apps?

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