'Tis the Season to Start Thinking about New Year's Resolutions

Yes, yes it iPerson thinkings. As the year winds down and we look forward to a new page on the calendar and the beginning of a brand spanking new year, our thoughts turn to things we'd like to improve upon in our lives. We naturally reflect upon the past year, remembering the good, the bad and the ugly. We all want more good, so of course we think about ways to achieve that. New goals, new beginnings and new adventures are a refreshing part of any new year.

So, what's on your New Year's resolution list? A healthier lifestyle? A new hobby? Less screen time? Whatever is on your list, we'd like to suggest a resolution that can impact all of the above-mentioned and more—in a very positive way.

Travel should be on your New Year's resolution list for sure. Why? Read on.

Travel expands your horizons.

Most of the year you probably spend a lot of time in the same environment, whether it's staring at the same four walls of your cubicle for 8+ hours a day, cooped up with the kids at home a majority of the time, or just staying within the realm of your local town or city because that's what you're used to.

Why not resolve to expand your horizons? Travel somewhere new. Plan a family adventure, a girls' getaway or a celebration vacation for the upcoming year. See new places, try new things, plan a road trip. Now is the time to start thinking and planning ahead. If you don't make it a goal, you're are much less likely to ever do it.

Travel is good for you.

Not only is a change of scenery good for you, but research shows that the anticipation of travel is a real mood booster. The excitement builds as you get closer and closer to your vacation, planning and researching things to do add to the elation of your next big travel adventure, and counting down the calendar days to departure often provides motivation like nothing else can.

Want to read more about how travel and vacation anticipation lead to increased happiness? Check out this NY Times article on the subject.

Travel can help jump-start you into a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Sometimes you are so bogged down with the daily grind that you have trouble finding the time to fit activity into your day. The work hours consume a good chunk of your day, and then there are the other the responsibilities of life that get in the way. Next thing you know your day consists of eating, working, and sleeping. Repeat. Repeat again. And again.
Eagle Parasail in Indian Rocks Beach, FL
Time away, particularly scheduled vacation time, gives you a break both mentally and physically from routine. What's even better is that you have the freedom and opportunity to try new things or rekindle hobbies of the past that you probably wouldn't do otherwise. Have you always wanted to take up biking? Thought of exploring some trails? Get some outdoor walking in on a daily basis?

Travel gives you the opportunity to explore your options and find what you really love. And although you may not always be able to implement your new favorite activities from vacation at home, there are many times that you can make a reasonable compromise.

Did you really love walking the Gulf Coast beaches during your Florida vacation? Though the scenery may not be the same, you can easily set up a walking routine at home in your favorite park or your local neighborhood.

Did you forget how much you loved swimming until you swam in the Gulf of Mexico waters or took advantage of the pool at your vacation rental? Make it part of your life at home by going to the community pool in the summer or joining a gym or YMCA that has a pool. We could give you so many examples, but you get the picture.

Travel gives you a break from screen time.

Let's face it, we all spend entirely too much time in front of a smartphone, tablet, phablet (yes, that really is a word), laptop, and/or computer screen. It's kind of crazy when you really think about how much time we really do spend in front of these things on a daily basis. Technology and its advances are wonderful, but like anything else, too much of something can be a very bad thing.

Traveling gives you new scenery to behold, ignites new wonder in the world around you and is a good way to refocus on things outside of the digital world. We know you'll still be tempted to check Facebook, tweet about your whereabouts, and Instagram your favorite sites while traveling. That's okay.

Travel builds relationships.

Quality time spent with your friends, family (and sometimes just yourself), is a huge benefit of travel. Not only does it build your experiences, it builds your relationships. Think of all the stories to be told, the memories to be cherished, and the laughs to be had as you embark on a new adventure with those who matter most to you.

Planning travel time is like penciling in quality time on the calendar. It's sad that we sometimes have to do that, but planning a break from the busyness of life is part of the age and time we live in. It's important!

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Have we made a good case as to why you should put travel on your New Year's resolution list? We hope so. There's no better time than the present to start your vacation planning for the new year, and there are some pretty amazing benefits of early vacation planning.

What's on your New Year's resolution list?

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