Quick and Easy Lunches You Can Bring to the Beach

Are planning for your next Florida beach vacation and needing some quick and easy lunch ideas that you can bring right to the beach? We've got some awesome beach lunch ideas and recipes for you! The best part of all is that they can be put together in no time right in your Indian Rocks Beach rental and they all travel well.

acai bowl with fresh fruit | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


These superfood bowls are easy to make or to find out on the town and make a great beach lunch.

fruit and vegetable salads | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


You just can't go wrong with fresh fruit and veg in any combo you choose. Beautiful, colorful and healthy!

hummus with carrots | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Whether you make it or buy it, hummus is a filling and nutritious lunch choice that is easy to pack up.

apples with peanut butter | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Nut butters abound so whichever suits your fancy go for it. Stack it with fruit or smear it on a wrap.

peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


PB&J is a classic lunch choice, but it isn't just for school. It's also perfect for the beach. Get creative!

home made protein bars | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Buy your favorite to tuck in your beach bag or DIY! Try these  recipes.

salads in jars | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Stacked salads are awesome. Pack them in a plastic cup with a lid and fork, and voilĂ ! Try these combos.

healthy skewers | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Everything tastes better on a stick! Sandwiches, fruit, or try this recipe for caprese skewers.

healthy smoothie | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Don't underestimate the filling power of a smoothie. Try these energy packed ones for your beach day.

chicken wraps | Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty


Wrap up your favorite ingredients and bring them to the beach. Here are some great wrap recipes for you.

Love these quick and easy beach lunches? Check out our Vacation Food Ideas board on Pinterest for more delicious culinary inspiration for your next Florida Gulf beach vacation. 


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