Hands Across The Sand in Indian Rocks Beach 2016

Join hands with us in solidarity across the Indian Rocks Beach sand for the 6th Annual Hands Across The Sand event held locally, nationally and worldwide on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at high noon (registration begins at 11:30a.m.). All you need to bring is yourself and your support for our beautiful Gulf beaches and waters.

We want to keep the natural beauty and coastal majesty on Florida's Gulf Coast as pristine as possible, so here's how you can help.

Take a Stand Against Offshore Drilling

The plan to drill offshore along the entire Atlantic Coast was cancelled for five years. The Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic are STILL OPEN. Still open as well is seismic airgun testing along the Atlantic Coast so that oil companies can obtain data to use when the 5-year moratorium is up.

The seismic airguns will search for oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor in an area twice the size of California, stretching all the way from Delaware to Florida. This will impact whales, porpoises and many other sea creatures.

Meanwhile, coal plants are being retrofitted and updated, and filthy fuels are being transported by rail around the USA. You can read more about the state of things on the Hands Across The Sand website. We highly suggest that you do, so you can be informed about the decisions that need to be made. If you don't weigh in, others will. Seize the day!

Hands Across The Sand Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty Staff

Say NO to Filthy Fuels and YES to Clean Energy

We invite you, your family, your friends and all activists to attend, organize and show support for the hundreds of events and join hands in creating a powerful image to send to our elected officials.

Call for the President maintain his rejection of the KXL and other tar sands pipelines and urge your local and state leaders to protect our communities by rejecting projects that expand the extraction and use of fossil fuels—and instead accelerate the shift to clean, renewable energy. There are other options!

In addition, these events help to highlight urgent national and regional issues including:

  • opposing coastal, offshore and Arctic drilling, and seismic blasting off the East Coast
  • protesting mountaintop removal, tar sands mining, hydraulic fracturing, and LNG export terminals

It's important to call attention to the impact of climate disruption such as rising sea levels, super storms, drought, forest fires, flooding and ocean acidification. This is a really big deal! You can read more about being part of a positive solution to these local, national and global problems here.

Hands Across The Sand on Indian Rocks Beach

SOS: Save Our Shore

These types of decisions affect everything you know and love about our gorgeous Gulf beaches, the Gulf of Mexico waters and encompass and impact all that's in and around this valuable ecosystem. You have to protect what you love and make sure that the beaches stay clean, the waters stay clear, and the marine life stays safe.

Unfortunately money talks and sways the decisions that impact our coastline when safety, sustainability and innovation should be of utmost priority in these conversations. Let's make sure they get the attention they deserve. Every person counts.

Hands Across The Sand

Protect the Coastal Wildlife

We have put the spotlight on sea turtles this month, as it is the start of sea turtle nesting season on the Gulf Coast. This affects them and the precious other coastal wildlife that rely on the Gulf Coast beaches, shorelines and waters for ultimate survival of their species and day-to-day existence.

With the threat and endangerment of almost all species of sea turtles as a current environmental concern, shouldn't we stand up for them, too? Yes! And they're not the only ones affected. There's everything from turtles and fish to birds, whales and dolphins that feel the consequences of the decisions we make.

Remember the awful images of the after-effects of the BP spill? The Gulf Coast has still not recovered from that. Let's be as proactive as we can, for everyone's sake.

Join Hands Across the Sand

Plumlee Realty organizes the Hands Across The Sand event in Indian Rocks and for good reason. We love our home and want it to be available to its residents, visitors and vacationers for years to come, while still maintaining its beauty and integrity.

We hope you feel compelled to join us for the 2016 Hands Across The Sand event in Indian Rocks Beach this year. It's held at the IRB County Park, right across from Guppy's. Remember to be there at 11:30a.m. to register, with the event starting promptly at noon.

Donate a Dollar (Or More)

If you can't make it to the event this year, there are other ways to help. Consider a monetary donation of a dollar or more to help advance the cause. You can make a Hands Across The Sand donation right here.

Spread the Word

One final way to help is to like and follow Hands Across The Sand on Facebook, then share what you learn with your friends. There's a local Hands Across The Sand Indian Rocks Beach Facebook page, too. They are valuable resources not only for the upcoming event but for environmental news and information all year round. Knowledge is power, and sharing what goes on and when these decisions get made do not always make it into the mainstream media. Be informed, share what you learn and encourage others to do the same.

Together we can make this world a better place for everyone, while guarding and protecting our precious earth and its resources the best we can each and every day.

Hands Across The Sand on Florida's Gulf Coast

Are you planning to attend the Hands Across The Sand event on May 21 in Indian Rocks Beach? If so, let us know! Thanks in advance for your support!

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