5 Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

5 Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Just because you're spending the Christmas holiday at the beach, doesn't mean you have to give up decorating your tree. Add in some holiday reds and greens along with some Christmas sparkle and shine to the already beautiful coastal palette. It's the best of both worlds! It's also the perfect opportunity to make some keepsake ornaments from your Florida Gulf Coast vacation that will bring smiles and warm memories for years to come.

We've rounded up some simple DIY coastal Christmas ornaments (thanks to Completely-Coastal.com) that you can make right in the comfort of your Plumlee vacation rental, or anywhere really. With just a few basic supplies and a dash of creativity, you're well on your way to adding a splash of the season while at the beach.

Most of what you need for these coastal crafts can be found at any area craft store, local Walmart or online at Amazon. Bring what you need with you ahead of time or shop for what you need while you're here.

5 Easy DIY Coastal Christmas Ornaments

1. Beach Quote OrnamentBeach Sayings Ornament

An awesome idea for the clear, fillable ornaments (that you can easily find at any craft store) is using vinyl lettering. Pick your favorite beach saying or quote, and use the vinyl lettering on the outside of the ornament. Fill with whatever coastal treasures you desire or keep it simple with a nice ribbon.

2. Beach Bucket Ornament

They make really cute miniature buckets in a variety of colors that can be easily decorated and/or filled. Use a glue gun to attach a bow, ribbon, shell, starfish, or whatever you like to the outside. Tie twine or ribbon from the handle. Fill with sand and shells if you so desire, just don't make it too heavy. Super cute way to bring a bit of the beach to your tree!

3. Rope Ornament

Those clear, fillable ornaments are a DIY crafter's best friend during the holiday season. There are so many ways to use them! For a nautical touch, try a rope ornament. You can use twine and a glue gun to cover the outside of an ornament, starting from the top and winding around to the bottom. Or, you can fill the inside of the ornament with twine for a faster, easier way to bring a nautical touch to your tree.

4. Sea Glass Ornament

Sea Glass Ornaments

Using clear, fillable ornaments, put in a few pieces of your best sea glass finds from the beach. You don't need too many, just enough to give it some color. Finish it with a nice piece of ribbon to tie it to the tree, and you have a really classy, simple yet beautiful ornament with coastal flair. Just be careful that it's not too heavy.

5. Seashell Ornament

Okay, this one is as easy as it gets. Pick up a few of your favorite shells off of the beach and add some glitter to make them sparkle, shellac to make them shine, or paint them a festive gold, silver or whatever color you like. Grab a glue gun and attach twine or ribbon. Voilą, instant ornament. It's a great coastal craft for kids and kids-at-heart.

You can find these simple coastal Christmas ornaments and more holiday decorating ideas on our Christmas at the Beach page on Pinterest. While you're there, don't forget to follow Plumlee Realty's Pinterest page for all of the beach inspiration you'll ever need.

Cheers to a coastal Christmas!
Are you spending your holiday at the beach?

*Photo Credit: Completely-Coastal.com

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