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September 2015
Christa was amazing, she was great in every aspect and helped tremendously in all the extras that make a world of difference in a business relationship. I highly recommend her, she gets the job done, professionally cheerfully and quickly. I...

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May 2016
The sale of our home was easy and smooth and we attribute that to the professionalism of both Christa and Michael, her co-Realtor at Plumlee. We think what was exceptional about both Michael and Christa was the steady communication and...

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June 2016
Christa was a pleasure to work with. She was on top of her closing 24/7 and always responded in a timely, professional manner. Happy Selling!!

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August 2016
Christa was our eyes and hands since we were out of state buyers. She was incredible with being at appointments where we normally would have needed to be onsite. Her follow-up on all items was exceptional. She helped us to...

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August 2017
It was nothing less than a pleasure working with Christa.

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