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Photo of a baby manatee: included in the Pinellas County wildlife guide The Animals of Florida: Pinellas County Wildlife Guide
Families are drawn to Florida for many reasons, from the pristine beaches to the world-famous Walt Disney World in Orlando. But, there is another side of Florida that appeals to families that love nature and learning about wildlife. Florida is...

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Photo of two paddlers kayaking tampa bay Florida Water Sports: Kayaking the Tampa Bay Area
Water sports are a way of life for many Floridians, from riding waves on a skimboard to exhilarating jet-skiing and relaxing paddling adventures. There are Florida water sports for every type of adventurer, and for those looking for a laidback...

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Photo of people with sunset in the background enjoying Gulf Coast events Check Out Florida Gulf Coast Summer Events
There is always something happening in the beach towns along the Florida Gulf Coast. And summer is the perfect time to plan your getaway around one of the exciting Gulf Coast events. We invite you to join us for a...

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