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All You Need to Know About Micro Weddings at the Beach

If you aren't familiar with the term "micro wedding" yet, you soon will be. Micro weddings are one of the biggest trends that emerged last year and continues to be trending in 2021. In these ever-changing days and times where travel is more complicated, social distanc... View the full post »

7 Smart Beach Vacation Tips That Will Save You the Most Money

How can you save money while also enjoying your Indian Rocks Beach vacation to the fullest? It's easy. There are numerous budget-friendly ways you can cut back on costs without sacrificing any of your vacation expectations. Here are the seven smartest ways to save the... View the full post »

Big Spring Events You Will Not Want To Miss This Year

Spring is coming, and so are the events on the Florida's Gulf Coast. Of course safety measures are in place during these local events—and you are encouraged to mask up, spread out, and put your health and well-being first (as well as for those around you). But you c... View the full post »

3 Reasons Why You Need a Spring Break at the Beach Right Now

Spring break is coming! What are your plans? Will it include lots of sunshine and sparkling waters? We sure hope so. Depending on where you live, you may be battling frequent snow storms, frigid temperatures, and dreary winter days. You need a change! The Florida Gulf Coa... View the full post »