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Free Printable Scavenger Hunt for the Most Beach Fun Ever!

Scavenger hunts on the beach are a fun, free, and easy activity for all ages to enjoy—for the kids and the kids-at-heart. If you're looking do one on your next Florida Gulf Beach vacation, we've got you covered with two free printable scavenger hunts you can use... View the full post »

6 Secrets of the Best Indian Rocks Beach Rentals

So what do all of the best Indian Rocks Beach rentals have in common? Great question! Here are the 6 secrets to success of the most popular and most requested vacation rentals on the Florida Gulf Coast. Take a peek into what makes them the most wanted rentals in the ... View the full post »

Taking Steps To Protect Our Guests

We call those who stay with us "Guests" because you are more than just customers. Many of you have been choosing Plumlee Vacation Rentals for generations. Couples bring their children, and then those children return for vacations as adults with their own children to India... View the full post »

How to Take a Beach Break Right from Your Couch

Everyone needs a little more beach in their lives, right? Right! That's why we are giving you ways to feel like you're at the beach no matter where you are. Vacation is a state of mind after all, and you can take a beach break anytime you'd like by checking ou... View the full post »