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The Most Popular Coastal Home Decor Trends This Year

The Most Popular Coastal Home Decor Trends This Year | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Are you wondering what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to coastal decor trends and interior design for 2018? Wonder no more! We have the most popular design and decor trends straight from Pinterest to bring your Indian Rock Beach house or Indian Shores vacation rental into style and on trend. Try a few of these design elements in your coastal abode and bring new life to your beachy interior. We love them all!

retro-inspired decor | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Resort-Inspired Style

Whether it’s your beach home that you relax in or a beach vacation rental home that others get to relax in, you want to have an ambiance of tranquility, peace and beauty. That’s where resort-inspired touches of style come in. It’s those little things that make a big difference. Flowers on the table, spa-like luxuries in the bathroom, minimal clutter and maximum style. That’s what it’s all about this season. Peruse your favorite resorts and get inspired to bring some touches of luxury into your coastal oasis. Minimalistic rooms bring a touch of elegance and classic style to any space. 

mixed metallics decor | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Mixed Metallics

There’s no need to keep silver with silver and gold with gold in every room of your beach home. Go ahead and get creative by mixing metallics together and enjoy the eclectic results. Warm coppers, brushed golds, and steely grays are all welcome to mingle this season. Take a look at the pieces you already have in your vacation rental. Can you mix them up and use them in a different room, in a different way? Go for it! You are only limited to your imagination. It’s easy to create an entirely new look just by swapping out your metals and mixing them in new places and new spaces.

big, bright entryway | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Bright Entryways

2018 is all about light, bright and airy entryways. Brighten the focal point of your home by allowing the natural light to flow in freely and fully. It’s easy to make your entryway new again by including a few poignant decor and design pieces that accentuate the space and add to its beauty. Remove the extra clutter and choose your design elements wisely. Aim for space and balance with a touch of cozy elegance. You can’t go wrong! Move things around until you find the right design for your entryway. 

pretty plant decor | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Pretty Plants

Bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors in is big, big, big this year. Use nature’s best to add to the interior decor of your beach house or vacation home. Interesting plants, blossoming flowers, and whatever greenery you love most can easily become a beautiful way to accentuate your other furnishings. Use a mix of interesting pots, differing heights, and staggered placements in an artful way. Have fun with it and use what you have in your own yard or garden if you can. 

neutral green decor | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Neutral Greens

Neutrals aren’t just shades of tans and browns anymore. Neutral greens are hot this year, and are especially calming and tranquil for bedrooms and living rooms where a coastal element is already in place. Natural colors and elements are part of what’s trending for 2018 so it’s easy to find beautiful shades of greens that highlight your room and bring out its natural beauty. Neutral greens make a lovely color choice for bathrooms, too. Green is the new black!

big art decor | Plumlee Vacation Rentals

Big Art

Big art makes a big statement in 2018. Whether its a singular piece of large-scale artwork or an entire art-gallery-style wall filled with your favorite photos or paintings, you’re on trend with wall decor and design this season. Find the right place for the right piece of artwork and it’s an instant design lift for any room. You can even use a unique piece of artwork for the design inspiration and focal point from which everything else flows.

If you’d like more beach home design and decor inspiration, check out this article from Coastal Living: 10 Home Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2018, According to Pinterest. Get creative and give your home a new look this year. Let us know which of these interior design trends you love most!

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The Most Popular Coastal Home Decor Trends This Year | Plumlee Vacation Rentals