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The Cutest Sea Turtle Slideshow Ever

In honor of the start of sea turtle nesting season on Florida’s Gulf Coast, we’ve decided to round up some of the cutest turtle photos you ever did see. Not only did we include some amazing pictures of these beautifully graceful and endlessly intriguing sea creatures, we’ve also paired each with a sea turtle fact that you definitely need to know.

We hope you find them as fascinating as we do, and that you learn something while you oooh and ahhh at the cute photos of these adorable air-breathing reptiles of the sea.

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Sea turtle nesting season begins on May 1 and runs through the end of October annually on the Gulf Coast. We love our dedicated local resources, their staff and tireless volunteers who help monitor nesting season and the emerging hatchlings each and every year on our Gulf beaches.

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Sea Turtle Slideshow: Cute Photos & Amazing Facts

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Have you visited the Gulf Coast of Florida during sea turtle nesting season?