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The Most Amazing Benefits of Walking Every Day

  There is no better time to start your daily walking habit than when you're on vacation at the beach. Step out of your beach vacation rental and commit to taking a walk each and every day. If the beautiful views, invigorating salt air and stunning sunrises and sunsets aren't enough ... View the full post »

What Is the Big Deal About World Sea Turtle Day?

Did you know that June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day (not to be confused with World Turtle Day which falls a month earlier on May 23rd)? It is! There are so many reasons to celebrate these fascinating aquatic reptiles. But wait, there's more.    So what's the big deal about ... View the full post »

How to Make This Fathers Day Extra Special

Father's Day is coming. Are you ready? Have you thought about what you can do to make this Father's Day extra special for the special man in your life? We can help! Don't stress. These are simple yet effective ways to give Dad a day to remember and let him know how much you love and ... View the full post »

The Best of Summer on the Gulf Coast

It's always beach season on Florida's Gulf Coast, but we get excited about the summer, too. It has a vibe all its own with fun for everyone. From the Gulf beaches to the Gulf towns to the Gulf of Mexico itself and everything in between, your summer fun never ends here.    We&... View the full post »

How To Make the Most of the Space in Your Beach Bag

Packing your beach bag seems simple, right? Right! Except sometimes we don't make the most of the space and end up with a cluttered mess—unable to find what you need, when you need it. That leads to hauling unnecessary beach items back and forth from your beach vacation rental to the sand ... View the full post »

Top 3 Treasures To Be Found on the Gulf Beaches

Beachcombing is one of the easiest, most fun and least expensive ways to spend your time on the white sands of Florida's Gulf Coast. It's such an adventure never knowing what you'll stumble upon on your search for coastal treasure. So what are the top treasures to be found on the Gul... View the full post »

The Ultimate Guide to Memorial Day on the Gulf Coast

  Memorial Day on Florida's Gulf Coast is everything it should be. A time for family and friends. A time for relaxing. And most importantly, a time for remembering and honoring. You can find all of this plus the added benefits of unending Florida sunshine, blue-green Gulf of Mexico water... View the full post »

May Events You Need To Know About on the Gulf Coast

Happy May days! Can you believe it's the start of another month already? We're inching along toward the summer season where the warm sunny days and cool coastal nights are filled with all of the sand, salt air and Gulf of Mexico waters that your heart desires. May offers up plenty of fun... View the full post »

The Best Ways to Pamper Mom at the Beach

Do you want to make this Mother's Day extra special and unforgettable? Spoil mom with the gift of sunshine, saltwater and sand this year. Give her the gifts of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life with its hectic routines and instead bring... View the full post »

3 Packing Secrets to Make Your Life Easier

Packing for a vacation can seem like a real drag, if you let it. Cut back on the stress, time and energy you'd normally spend on packing for a vacation by following these top three packing secrets. We promise they will make your life a whole lot easier and you'll save your time and energ... View the full post »

8 of the Best Online Resources for Your Gulf Beach Vacation

Have you ever wondered where to go to find everything you need and want to know for your Florida Gulf Beach vacation? Well, we have the answers! In fact, we have 8 of the best online Gulf Beach resources you need to know about. You definitely want to take a look at all of these and get well acqu... View the full post »

April Events You Need to Know About on the Gulf Coast

How about some Gulf of Mexico waters, white sugar sands, and swaying palm trees to go along with your Easter holiday? You can find all of that and more here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. April is hopping with fun in the Florida sun and all of the best local events, activities, festivals and thin... View the full post »

Family-Friendly Beach Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Beach days with the family are the best days. What could be better? Well, these beach hacks designed especially for families actually can make your beach days even better and make your life as a parent easier. Interested? Check out these awesome ideas that you've probably never thought of, b... View the full post »

Why Spring is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  The winter months are wrapping up and spring is on the horizon. Some of you are feeling the lingering effects of Old Man Winter and the last snowstorm. That's just all the more reason to focus your sights on springtime! Even better, head south to the Gulf Coast of Florida where you can... View the full post »

How to Have the Most Fun and Relaxing Family Spring Break Ever

Let's be honest. The words "family vacation" and "relaxing" don't always go together. Sometimes parents get bogged down with all of the planning, preparation and ongoing exhaustion that a family vacation entails that they end up feeling stressed, cranky and disappointed before the week i... View the full post »